Mr. Qiu elected Vice President and Board Member of CCA

The new leadership of the China Charity Alliance

On May 11, the Second Member Summit of the China Charity Alliance (CCA) elected a new Board and governing body in Langfang, Hebei Province. Qiu Zhonghui, chair of the Amity Foundation, was elected as Vice President and Board Member. The meeting was attended by Zhan Chengfu, Deputy minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Director of the Social Organization Management Bureau.

In the past, the Amity Foundation worked closely as a member with the disaster relief committee and the rural revitalization committee of the China Charity Alliance. The CCA is an organization and platform for cooperation and mutual exchange among the third sector in China and one major player in the Chinese civil society sector.

The CCA website states its mission and fields of engagement @

The China Charity Alliance is active in the fields of international exchange, capacity building, trans-sectoral cooperation and research of the sector. On its website it states that CCA is a nationwide, united and non-profit social organization, committed to safeguard the interests of the public and the philanthropic sector. Furthermore, CCA is committed to promote the establishment of a professional, standardized, transparent and efficient Chinese philanthropic sector which is compatible to the Chinese economic and social development level. At the present, CCA has 501 members, out of them 275 are social organizations, 86 are enterprises and 140 are individuals.