Kindle Love and Hope for Xiao Lin

From 23 to 25 December, Amity accompanied three sponsors from Hong Kong on their visit for orphans to Anyue in Sichuan Province. The sponsors brought with them hand-knitted scarves, hand-made angel dolls, stationery, toys and rice given by Hong Kong donors. They also greeted the children with Christmas blessings and celebrated Christmas day in a primary school. During the trip, the sponsors gained deeper understanding regarding the living conditions of the Anyue orphans through direct contact with the children and Amity field partners. Aside from Christmas presents and blessings, the children received valuable friendship. It has been a particularly heart-warming Christmas, for both the sponsors and the children.

Group Photo of Hong Kong donors celebrating Christmas with school kids

A phrase can arouse a powerful sentiment

Xiao Lin is moved to tears when she reads the greeting card

The most memorable moment of the visit was when Xiao Lin, a orphan became so emotional that she broke into tears upon reading the sponsors’ greeting in a Christmas card. The greeting read:  “Work diligently towards realizing your dreams and never give up! You will be successful! May you live a healthy and happy life! Your friends from Hong Kong”. The sponsors somewhat surprised to discover that a few simple words can arouse such powerful sentiments.

A visit can cause involvement 

Amity organized a visit for interested parties three years ago. That was when Xiao Lin started to receive sponsorship from the “e 10000 action” Program. A sponsorship of over 1,000 HKD per annum had provided relief to her family without any means of self-support. It was during that same visit that Xiao Lin’s case began to draw attention from local interested parties. Xiao Lin lives with her grandparents, the wooden hut that was home to them was originally very small and in disrepair. Our field partners described it as “A house barely held up by several wooden poles. There were cracks over all the walls, and the window was just an opening with a few iron bars. Their beds were made up of some planks placed side by side, and tattered lumps of cotton only barely covered the surface.”

The bed room shows Xiao Lin’s poor living conditions three years ago

Action can light up a gloomy life

Our field partners expended strenuous effort to help Xiao Lin and her family and they successfully obtained financial aid from the government. They built a new house, bought a dining table, chairs, an electric rice cooker and other basic daily necessities. Due to financial constraints, bedding was still not adequate, but at least the rooms are no longer draughty, and they can live in comfort through the winter. Visiting Xiao Lin’s home today, you will see a house that is bright and tidy. It was not just the house, which has undergone alteration, the family’s hopes and aspirations for the future have changed. In the letter to her sponsors, Xiao Lin wrote:

Dear uncles and aunties, I wish you well. With your help, our house is being built. After mother and father died, I had felt that the world grows dimmer every day; it was a horrible and unimaginable darkness, which was engulfing me. Ever since you extended your care and concern towards me and giving me assistance, my world began to turn sunny. I will never forget your generous help, and I know it is hard to repay your kindness. In order not to disappoint your kind regard for me, the only thing I can do is to be diligent at my studies and to achieve outstanding results.”

Pre-post comparison of Xiao Lin and her grandparents in 2010 and 2013



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(Thanks goes to Cinde Lee for helping with the translation)