Jiangsu Christian Fund for Social Service

A workshop on elder care managment to promote Diakonia Ministry

The aim of the Jiangsu Christian Fund for Social Service is to strengthen the cooperation and contact between the Amity Foundation and all churches in Jiangsu, to promote the social service mission of Christian Churches, to practice faith and witness to Christ, and to forge ahead with the construction of Civil Society.

Fund’s Background

In 2009, the State Department's "National Human Rights Declaration" stated clearly that, "The state gives full play to the positive role of religious circles in the promotion of social harmony and socio-economic development. It also encourages and supports religious circles in launching social welfare programs, exploring methods and channels for religions to better serve society and promote the people's well-being”.

With the support of national policy, Jiangsu Overseas Friendship Association and Jiangsu Religious Affairs Bureau proposed that the Churches could serve the general public and facilitate social development through social services on the basis of Jiangsu Christian Church’s development status. The growth of social demand: With a social progress, a number of social problems have been gradually exposed, problems like an ageing society.

The building and improvement of a community service system became the priorities that needed to be met during China’s social construction. The Church could utilize its own resources to solve these problems through its participation in social service. The achievement of Theological reconstruction: With in-depth theological reconstruction, more and more churches participate in social services following the teaching to “Glorify God, Benefit People, and Practice Faith”.

This is also one of the achievements of Theological reconstruction, and it will improve the mutual understanding and integration between church and society to a large extent." The natural connection between Church and Amity: The Amity Foundation as a Christian initiated NGO has a natural connection with the church from the very beginning. More than 20 years have passed and the Amity Foundation has been supporting churches from 13 provinces in different areas of social services.

The scope of supported projects

  • Capacity building for diaconia
  • The support for traditional church projects, such as elderly homes and clinics, etc.
  • Sponsoring orphans and poor students
  • The care for left behind children
  • Public health programs such as rural clinics, infectious disease prevention campaigns, etc.
  • Environmental protection in urban communities
  • Peace skill training for a harmonious society
  • Team-building training in HIV/Aids prevention
  • Volunteer team building
  • Disaster relief training

Volunteers selling second hand clothes at a charity bazar in front of a church