International Workshop on China’s Overseas NGO Law

On January 1, 2017 China’s Overseas NGO Law came into effect. On May 25 2017, the Amity Foundation hosted an international workshop at the Guoxin Hotel in Nanjing, to discuss implementation and further cooperation under the new legal framework. More than 70 researchers, experts and other representatives, including officials from relevant government authorities, Chinese non-governmental development organizations and international partners attended the meeting.

During the opening session, Li Guohua, Vice-Minister of the United Front Work Department and Director of the Religious Affairs Bureau in Jiangsu welcomed all participants and mentioned the positive impact and contribution of overseas NGOs in China during the last decades. Mr. Qiu Zhonghui, General Secretary of the Amity Foundation pointed out the necessity to provide platforms to exchange ideas and discuss cooperation among all relevant actors to continue to advocate social development that benefits the people. „Cooperation and development is the buzzword of the time“, said Mr. Qiu and referred to a universal spirit, which is the same as one of the Silk Road, stated by President Xi Jinping. International cooperation and exchange should promote peace, openness, tolerance, mutual learning and understanding and seek for win-win situations.

Li Guohua (left) and Qiu Zhonghui (right) welcome the participants

Zhao Jianming, Vice Director of the Administration Office of Overseas Nongovernmental Organizations of Jiangsu’s Provincial Public Security Department, gave detailed information about application procedures, required documents and other issues for the registration of representative offices and for the application of temporary activities by overseas NGOs. He also expressed on behalf of all administrative authorities their positive, sincere and open attitude towards any feedback and suggestions from the attendees.

Zhao Jianming of Jiangsu’s Provincial Public Security Department (left) gave detailed information about the implementation of the law. Huang Haoming (right) gave an overview of the positive contribution of overseas NGOs over the last decades.

Additional keynote speakers were Huang Haoming Director of CANGO, Wang Ming, Dean of Institute for Philanthropy of Tsinghua University, Ms. Chen Yimei from the Anna Chennault Foundation and Wang Le, Vice Country Representative of Save the Children. All participants appreciated the meeting and expressed the need for further consultation as well the hope that the new comprehensive legal framework will help to facilitate successfully a sustainable development in China and the world.

At the end of the workshop, the officers of relevant authorities responsible for the future implementation of the law, discussed with participants details, requests and open questions of the law in Q&A sessions.

Representatives and practitioners of the third sector and authorities discussing issues of China's new Overseas NGO law.