Inter-religious efforts against poverty


In the year 2017 the five major religions of Jiangsu Province continue to support jointly the government in the efforts of poverty alleviation in Sandu County, Guizhou Province. End of March a delegation of leaders of the five major religions, government departments and the Amity Foundation visited the County to visit poverty alleviation projects and to attend activities. The delegation of 20 people was led by Li Guohua, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Religious Affairs Bureau.

The delegation is visiting villages in Sandu County

Opening ceremony of a kindergarten

Launch of an online health diagnosis platform for remote regions without access to proper health care

The joint efforts of the religious communities are a response to the call of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and of the Chinese government to eradicate poverty. After a joint assessment in 2014, the religious communities of Jiangsu Province got actively involved in poverty alleviation in Sandu since 2015.

The delegation is visiting projects that provide free healthcare for disadvantaged people in local communities