Inauguration of Guangzhou Association for Promoting Social Service Development (PSSD)

Mr. Qiu was appointed as the President of the PSSD

On May 18, 2019, the inaugural meeting of the Guangzhou Association for Promoting Social Service Development (PSSD) took place in Guangzhou. Qiu Zhonghui, who is the Chairman of the Amity Foundation was elected as the President of PSSD. Guo Yuan, the Vice Director the Amity Office in Guangzhou, officially appointed as the General Secretary of PSSD. In order to promote social services better, Mr. Qiu called for more cooperation among social organizations.

In Mr.Qiu's speech he explained the purpose of the PSSD: "We raise the issue of specialization of social services. To improve specialization requires capacity building, professionalization of social services and higher quality of service work. Therefore, we built up a platform for social organizations. The first job is to support and enable social organizations to build up their capacity of self-development and self-reliance. But the goal is not only to make them self-sufficient, but also to benefit them for the long-term." Qiu Zhonghui also mentioned that the main contradiction in our society has been transformed into a contradiction between the people's growing need for a better life and inadequate development. This imbalance means that the people's needs for a better life are constantly changing, from “needing food and clothing” to “the need of development”. This requires social services to be diversified and refined.

PSSD an organization, which was founded by 126 members on March 8, 2019, includes corporates, CSOs and individuals. The association was established to promote the development of social services. It's Wechat account states that it provides professional consulting, organizes training, does research and raises publicity in favor of the third sector in China. These services target at nonprofit organizations, corporates committed in social responsibility, relevant government departments and the general public.

Amity's General Secretary Ling Chunxiang speaking at a podium discussion during the event.