The Beginning


On December 20, 1984, Bishop K. H. Ting wrote a circular letter to

'friends abroad'  to solicit their opinion on the creation of an

organization for social welfare initiated by Chinese Christians:


"We think it is a good enviroment with which Chinese

Christians cannot only do our share as citizens in nation-building,

but also make the fact of Christian presence and participation

better known to our people, without in any way weakening the

work of the church proper."


Four month later, on 18 April, 1985, the Amity Foundation was

founded in Nanjing. The idea for Amity had come from Christian leaders

including K. H. Ting. Wenzao Han became Amity's

founding general secretary.


Bishop K. H. Ting came up with the Chinese name for Amity,

the two characters meaning love (ai) and virtue or moral power (de).

and express very well the sense of love as God's primary attribute,

and love as a dimension of Christian involvment in society.


Bishop K. H. Ting


Bishop K.H Ting, the late founder of the Amity Foundation

who passed away in November 2012, was a church leader,

theologian, visionary, statesman and patriot.


Bishop K. H. Ting was Chairperson of the

Three-Self Patriotic Movement

of the Protestant Churches in China (TSPM)

and President of the China Christian Council (CCC).

Bishop K. H. Ting served as the President of

Nanjing Union Theological Seminary for more than 50 years.


Bishop K. H. Ting had also held a number of political posts.

He was a Vice-Chairman of the CPPCC

Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (1989–2008),

and a Member of the National People's Congress,

China's legislature.


'A Live Dedicated to Service'

is a movie dedicated to Bishop K. H. Ting,

the founder of the Amity Foundation.

The movie gives insights into his life,

his ministry and the founding of the Amity Foundation.

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Philip Wickeri, Bishop K. H. Ting and Wenzao Han announce the establishment of Amity

Stone Laying Ceremony for the foundation of the Amity Printing Press


1985 - 1995

Start-up Phase


The Amity Foundation was first set up

with only three employees. Project areas mainly covered

the poor eastern counties in Northern Jiangsu.

The projects focused primarily on foreign English teachers

and funding came from overseas churches.


March 1985

A press conference was held in Hong Kong to announce

the upcoming establishment of the Amity Foundation.


November 1986

Ground Breaking Ceremony was held for the

Amity Printing Press.


March 1993

The Amity Foundation Board made the strategic decision

to move its major project focus to the western regions of China.


1995 - 2005

Time of Growth


Amity's work expanded exponentially.

Its projects gradually covered an array of different programs including

education, health, social welfare, blindness prevention,

special education, poverty alleviation, integrated rural development,

ecological protection, women's development.

The project area also expanded to hundreds

of cities and counties in 31 provinces in mainland China.

Project types expanded from involving foreign teachers to eight divisions

in Amity with dozens of projects focusing on

the poor and the marginalized.


Experience more in our 25th anniversary movie

Bishop K. H. Ting at the stone laying ceremony for a new office building in 2007

Foundation Stone for the new Amity Printing Co., Ltd.


2005 - 2015

Innovation Phase


Amity's staff has grown

to nearly 90 professionals working at the Headquaters and

almost 1,000 staff in total. In order to strengthen domestic support

and the third sector Amity began to develop community

awareness and new fundraising efforts. Amity focuses increasingly

on diaconal work, community building, internationalization,

capacity building and advocacy. Thereby, Amity builds networks on

various fields, including new media cooperations, new plattforms

for interfaith, cross-cultural and cross-sectoral cooperation.

Nowadays, the Amity Foundation runs social enterprises,

service centers, NGO development centers

and offices at home and abroad.


November 2005

Stone laying ceremony for the new Amity Printing Co., Ltd.

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November 2012

Amity Printing printed its 100th million Bible and became the

world's largest Bible printer


November 2015

the Amity Foundation celebrated its 30th anniversary







More detailed information about Amity's journey

can be found in Amity's 30th anniversary booklet

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2015 - Present


Period of Development







... to be continued

Opening of Amity's International Liaison Office in Geneva

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