Helping People in Need

The Amity Foundation is committed to help the needy, responding to humanitarian crises, acting on poverty alleviation and working for social development . Thereby, Amity adheres to the combination of 'hardware' and 'software' in poverty alleviation and development work, providing resources and building capacities. By following an integrated and participatory approach, humans stand in the center of Amity’s development projects.

Villagers planting trees in the mountains to prevent landslides




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Development and

Enviromental Protection


Amity's community development and environmental protection projects continue to focus on the development of China's rural and marginalized regions. Amity offers education and training to farmers and villagers, protecting and supporting their interests in the course of rural agriculture transformation.

Amity supports the empowerment of local communities and their participation in development. Through capacity building villagers develop new skills and knowledge such as as online advertising for agricultural products, eco tourism and self-organization and coordination within associations. Following a people-centered approach ethnic minorities and women are essential for the resilience and revitalization of rural regions, preserving cultural traditions and tackle poverty.

Amity believes that sustainable and harmonious development lies within the coordination of opposites, as individual and group coordination, environmental protection and economic coordination, traditional and modern coordination, short-term and long-term coordination. Following a comprehensive development approach, Amity's community projects covering and intersect various development fields.

A villager participating in Amity's microfinance program

Dalit women in Nepal carrying new iron sheets

during a disaster relief project


Disaster Managment


Instant response and accurate assessment have been hallmarks of  Amity’s Disaster relief managment projects and efforts. Since 1989, the Amity Foundation has responded to major natural disasters every year. Projects for disaster management, carried out by the Amity Foundation, comply with international humanitarian principles and Sphere standardts. The Amity Foundation is member of ACT Alliance, a coalition of 146 churches and faith-based organisations working together in over 100 countries.

Amity provides life-saving emergency aid, offers rehabilitation and supports reconstruction in disaster-hit areas. Moreover, the Amity Foundation is committed to restore livelihoods and provide post-disaster services. People orientation and extensive involvment of local residents ensure the sustainability of the projects. Amity responds to disasters both home and abroad, always working closley with local partners on site.

Besides responding to disasters, Amity is raising awareness and enhancing resilience, by organizing prepardness and risk reduction trainings for local communities. Climate change is triggering natural disasters, often affecting the world's poorest communities. Therfore, Amity is continues to advocate for the voiceless, sharing and exchanging best practices and innovative efforts in workshops and conferences to mitigate natural disasters. We will continue to establish networks and provide plattforms for new disaster relief alliances and better coordination of humanitarian aid in China and overseas.

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Public Health and

HIV/AIDS Prevention


Amity promotes the construction of networks for primary and basic health care.  Through the support and the training of professional health-care workers and facilities, the Amity Foundation provides safe, effective, and convenient health services for communities. Projects include village clinics construction, community health promotion, free medicine distribution, HIV care, medical staff and volunteer training, association development, study tours, advocacy campaigns, college debate competitions, anti domestic violence rescue and many others.

The prevention of diseases, the self-reliance and the empowerment of the people and their communities is a main focus of Amity's engagement in this field. Underprivileged people and communities in remote regions, the floating population, elderly, women, ethnic minorities, children and high-risk populations are especially considered.

By increasing public education, Amity also focuses on raising awareness and improves the self-treatment abilities of communities. Following a community-based and participatory approach, public health and AIDS/HIV prevention projects have a holistic and integrated approach, also focusing on the living circumstances.

Advocating for universal health coverage, which would help to build a sustainable and healthy society, Amity promotes and supports service networks among the different sectors and within the communities.

A Tibetian women with her child on her way to free health examination

A student of Amity's orphan program

after a donor visit during Christmas


Orphan Fostering


For many years, beginning from the early 90s, Amity focuses to help orphans and left-behind children from poor and rural families and in difficult circumstances to grow up healthily and protected. Nowadays, Amity supports poor underpriviledged children by covering scholarships, living costs, school material and medical costs. Amity's Orphan Fostering Project is covering almost 500 counties, supporting more than 35,000 orphans and working with more than 100 partner organizations.

In a long-term approach we maintain and foster relationships to standardize and coordinate the work with our partners, setting high standarts regarding transperancy, accuracy and timely feedback of information. Amity is advocating for child protection, their well-being and safety. Besides building support networks, Amity is in particular focusing on marginalized and disadvantaged orphans, who are disabled or affected by disasters.


To sponser an orphan in China or for inquireries, please contact Ms. Iris Wong:

Amity Hong Kong Office

Tel: 852-2723 8011, E-mail: [email protected]


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Education and



Due to the constraints of inbalanced economic development, insufficient transport facilities and unfavorable locations, China’s rural areas especially in the western part of the country have been suffering a severe shortage of educational resources. Economic migration and urbanization often leave the most vulnerable people in the villages behind. Often they lack of resources and equal opportunities. Education leads to empowerment, which is the first step to a better future.

The Amity Foundation is advocating for the children rights to receive quality education and establish safe and appropriate enviroments to do so. Therefore, Amity is also providing scholarships from primary school to college stundets and organizes reintegration programs for students who dropped out of school. Furthermore, Amity equips students and schools in need with educational material, regarding to the local and individual needs and enviroments. Among Amity's beneficiaries, underprivileged groups as girls and children from poverty-stricken regions and difficult living backgrounds receive special attention.

Moreover, the Amity Foundation is supporting the reconstruction of school buildings, dormitories, school libraries, computer rooms, gym sites and other facilities in remote and impoverished areas of China. This contributes to the development of healthy and harmonious village enviroments. In order to find sustainable solutions for the exodus to the cities, Amity is working together with the local communities and local authorities providing professional assistance for their education.


A young student receives a new dictonary

after Amity has rebuilt his rural school