Hayian Disaster Relief - photo series

Illilo, in the path of Typhoon Haiyan and badly hit like Tacloban, did not receive much media attention.

On arrival in the Philippines, Amity staff worked closely with local partners in finalizing distribution plans and conducting the necessary due diligence like checking receipts and stocks.


Mutual respect, trust and a high measure of transparency underpinned the whole relief operation.

Before the relief operation Amity and its local partner are inspecting the packed relief goods in the warehouse.

Amity’s engagement was highly welcomed by the people, dignitaries and officials. Local authorities were proactive in supporting the disaster relief operation with security and logistics.

Hong Kong’s support for the victims of typhoon Hayian was widely recognized by the media.

Extensive damage could be seen all over the province Iloilo.

Amity staff witnessed first-hand the extensive destruction of people’s homes and livelihood.

Children have to attend classes in heavily damaged school buildings under dangerous circumstances.

The distribution of the relief goods took place in public schools, halls and civic centers. Most of them were heavily damaged by Hayian.

On the way to the remote barangays our team had to overcome difficult logistics.

Beneficiaries, mainly aged people and young families, were expressing their gratitude.

The distribution was well coordinated, organized and orderly.

Volunteers painstakingly registered the clients and issued identification cards earlier to ensure the needy population being served.

Local authorities and volunteers provided transportation for the beneficiaries.

Spontaneous “thank-you‘s“ warmed the hearts of those who gave and those who received.

Supported by many volunteers, Amity was able to bring essential supplies and hope to 5,000 families of 41 barangays.