Going to the quarantine area



It is a hard time for people in China these days. But besides all the hardships, people from all walks of life are coming to help Amity in its work containing the Coronavirus. This is a story about people, who bravely go to the quarantine area - Hubei Province. They are sons, fathers, and husbands, who bear a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. They are truck drivers.

On January 25, the New Year's Day, Mr. Yan from Suning Logistics received his first order in the new year of 2020 – to deliver 10 tons of disinfectant from Amity Foundation to the epicenter, Wuhan.

My family worried a lot," said Mr. Yan. “But I was not that worried about it. I told my family that I would protect myself and I was not going to crowded places."

I knew the doctors in Wuhan need the disinfectant from Amity urgently. I must be quick. To be faster, I didn't stop for a meal. After a day and a night’s driving, I only ate one bottle of porridge.”

To be faster I only ate one can of porridge for a day”, says truck driver Mr Yan

At noon on 26th, Mr. Yan arrived at the entrance of the Guanbao Expressway of Wuhan and handed over his cargo. Around 2 pm on the same day, the disinfectant was transferred to and received by two hospitals in Wuhan.

On his way back, it was snowing. “The weather was so chilly,” said Mr. Yan. “But I feel warm inside. Because I did something for them. I did!”

The disinfectants were received by Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital on the 26 January


On the evening of Jan 26, the truck was loaded and ready to go

On January 26, the day after the New Year's Day, Manbang Logistics posted a special transportation task – to transport 5 tons of disinfectant of Amity Foundation from Jiangsu Province to the city of Xiaogan, another severely affected city near Wuhan. It was a last-minute task and the disinfectant had to be delivered overnight. “I will do it.” Mr. Li told his company. This was his second time to deliver supplies to Hubei Province during the Chinese New Year.

In the early morning of the 27th, Mr. Li's truck drove into the Hubei Province. It began to snow. Watching the snow outside, Mr. Li hummed with this popular Chinese song from his radio:

"Dad and mom, please take care of yourselves

don't let me worry

I will definitely go back home this spring festival ..."

Talking about his family, Mr. Li says: "Of course, they are worried about me. Who would like his family to go to the epicenter? But you see the truck is so big, and the disinfectant could be used to protect so many people. I think it's worth it! "

At noon on the 27th, Mr. Li delivered his cargo to the city of Xiaogan. He was a little excited: "Although it was snowing, we Chinese always help each other in this time of crisis, aren’t we?! Wind, rain or snow cannot stop me from supporting Hubei!"

Mr. Li slept in his car (left) on the way to Xiaogan. He took a selfie in front of his truck with a banner saying “Add oil, Xiaogan!”