Footprints of Love - Amity’s 30th Anniversary in HK

Watch a video about the 30th anniversary celebration of the Amity Hong Kong Office here.

Group photo of honorable friends, guests, supporters and sponsors of Amity Foundation Hong Kong.

Thirty years ago, in spring, Chinese Christian leaders announced the establishment of the Amity Foundation in Nanjing, to promote and develop health, education and social services in China. Time flies.. with the support of friends in China and from overseas, the Amity Foundation has grown into an organization providing services in many provinces of China. Amity has received trust and recognition from the public, from our partners and from non-governmental as well as government groups and institutions. To celebrate the 30th Anniversary, the Amity Foundation hosts events in both Mainland China and Hong Kong in the spring and fall of 2015. On the evening of May 15th, 2015, the Amity Foundation HK Office held the “Love Never Ends - 30th Anniversary soiree” in the Crystal Ballroom of the Hong Kong Cityview Hotel. More than 250 people attended the festivity, including church leaders and representatives from governments and businesses of Hong Kong and Mainland China. During the evening, they retrospect the path that Amity has been pursuing for the past 30 years and jointly looked at Amity’s future.

Those attending the ceremony included representatives of the Hong Kong government, leaders of the Christian Church, donors, officials of the United Front Work, leaders of the Bureau of Religion and representatives of the Amity Foundation headquarters. During the ceremony, Qiu Zhonghui, the General Secretary of the Amity Foundation expressed in a speech his gratitude to the unconditional and altruistic support of the Hong Kong people for Amity’s work during the past decades. Furthermore, Mr Qiu stated his vision for the future development of the Amity Foundation and social development in China, “Rapid economic progress is observed in the recent years. In order to respond to new social needs arisen from economical and structural changes in China, the Amity Foundation is devoting itself to act as a “third social force” and to promote social development and good governance”. Mr. Qiu also pointed out that Amity’s two focuses generally emphasize on existing rural integrated development projects and on providing social service for urban communities. In addition Amity will foster the development and facilitation of grassroots NGOs. Qiu Zhonhui also mentioned the “Going abroad strategy” of the Amity Foundation as well as some other recent activities to the guests. In particular he mentioned Amity’s disaster relief in Nepal for the victims of the recent earthquake. In the end, he called upon the people of Hong Kong to continue to support Amity, increase communication, cooperation and further enhance the social development of China.

General Secretary Mr. Qiu addresses the guests (left). Volunteers and guests enjoy the evening and interact through various games and performances (right).

Besides supporting the development of China’s poverty alleviation programs, Amity Foundation Hong Kong Office has always been active in providing opportunities for education and volunteering. During the event various activities took place. An award-winning handbell team of students, who are also Amity long-term volunteers, gave an exciting live-performance. Funds were raised to continue Amity’s mission. Orphans from Zhengzhou and Xiaoxu Guo, a female university student from Guizhou, who received support from Amity’s programs gave moving testimonies during the event on behalf of the beneficiaries. Xiaoxu successfully finished university after being supported by Amity, “I have been working now for two years in a company in Dongguan. Amity laid the foundation for my life. I want to promote this spirit and encourage people to care for others.”

Amity's young volunteers giving an magnificent handbell performance (left). Mr. Tong, director of Amity HK and Xiaoxu signing their names on the 'Anniversary Guest Board' (right).

On this evening Amity and friends were looking forward to the next 30 years of Amity’s journey and into a promising future of social development in China. We all hope to continue to leave “footprints of love”, which people will follow. The celebrations in Hong Kong will be followed by festivities at Amity’s headquarters in Nanjing in November.

Founder of the Amity Foundation Hong Kong Office, Philip L. Wickeri, Ph.D., D.D. (left). More than 250 guests attended Amity's 30th Anniversary Celebration leaving the 'Guest Board' full of names (right).