Football 1+1 workshop trains the trainer

On March 11, Amity started a four-day training workshop in Nanjing to train soccer trainers from 25 schools in Jiangsu, Anhui and Qinghai provinces. Bruno, a trainer from the Inter Academy, the football club's youth program, gave professional and advanced methods of coaching youths and children football.

Besides practical training methods, Bruno also introduced Inter Academy training concepts and philosophy to the Chinese trainers. Respect for others, active participation in the life of the group, exchanging ideas and sharing in victory or defeat, as an individual and collective learning experience, all play a central role in our Academy. Our kids will become excellent citizens and brothers of the world.” the website states.

Hewen, Amity's Associate Deputy General Secretary of the Amity Foundation, pointed out the central concept of justice of the Football 1+1 project, which is a joint program of Amity and Amity's long-term partner Sunning: “This project provides opportunities for children from more rural areas and for migrant workers children to get in touch with soccer. They can learn and enjoy football and narrow the education gap among rural and urban areas.”

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