Floods and rainstorms cause casualties and heavy damage

Ongoing heavy rainstorms are causing casualties and flooding

Over the last week heavy and enduring rainfalls and rainstorms caused severe flooding and related disaster to 11 provinces in southern and eastern China. The ongoing disasters killed over 186 people and over 45 missing. About 1.48 million people have been relocated and another half million is in the need of assistance. So far 56,000 houses have been destroyed and more than 32 million people are said to be affected. Direct economic losses are estimated to be over 50 billion Yuan. In many regions a state of emergency was declared as the weather forecast predicts more rain.

There is huge economic devastation and the loss of many people's existence

On 24 June, the Hong Kong disaster relief fund approved a fund of HKD 445,000 to the Amity Foundation under its Fast-track Mechanism to provide immediate relief to flood victims in Guizhou Province. During the last days Amity staff went to Guizhou to assess the situation on the ground and to organize the distribution of 72,000 kilograms of rice for 1,200 families, or 4,800 people in total. “It is the first time in one month that people are able to eat rice again”, says Hewen, Amity’s Assistant General Secretary on site.

The Amity Foundation is on site to provide rice for the suffering people

This year’s rainfalls have been particularly heavy. Since March floods, mud- and landslides caused casualties again and again. After this week’s rainstorms the situation has exacerbated into states of emergency around the Yangtze River and many other basins. On June 23 the worst tornado in half a century killed 98 people and injured almost 800 more in Jiangsu Province.

Amity staff is inspecting the situation and distributing rice

If you want to help the people in the disaster affected regions you can donate.