First Board Meeting of Amity’s third Board of Directors held in Nanjing

On December 30, 2016, the first Board Meeting of the third elected Board of the Amity Foundation was held in Nanjing. The meeting was attended by 30 persons, including provincial government officials.

During the meeting ten directors of the Board were elected in an open, transparent and democratic process: Qiu Zhong Hui, Zhang Ke Yun, Wang Jun, Lu Han Long, Shi Zeng Zhi, Sun Wai Min, Yu Rui, Shen Bin, He Guang Hu, Huang Hao Ming.

In accordance with Amity’s constitutions, the The Board was pleased to appoint Elder Fu Xianwei, the Chairman of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM) of the Protestant Churches in China and Mr Zhao Long, the former Vice Chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Congress as new consultants of the Amity Foundation.

Mr Qiu Zhonghui was endorsed as Amity’s General Secretary. Ling Chunxiang, He Wen, Chu Chaoyu, She Hongyu and Liu Lei were appointed as Deputy General Secretaries of the Amity Foundation. The Board also approved the latest Annual Report and Financial Statement.

Pastor Wang Jun, Vice-Chairman of the TSPM congratulated the Amity Foundation and presented a calligraphy “Love never Ends” to Mr Qiu Zhonghui

Group photo of the Amity Board, the re-elected Amity leadership and governmental guests