First batch of supplies arrives in Ludian County


In the evening on 4 August at 8.30pm, the first batch of relief supplies arrived in Huodehong Township, Ludian. The town is about 10 kilometers beeline away from the epicenter of the earthquake. Amity delivered 10,000 bottles of water, 5 tons of rice and 600 buckets of cooking oil. The supplies were delivered to Huodehong Secondary School, where refugees of the disaster are sheltered. At 10pm Amity staff has finished the delivery of the relief supplies and decamped to Zhaotong to organize a second batch. While rescue teams are still searching for buried people in the debris, the people of Ludian are desperately waiting for water, food and medical treatment.

Three Amity teams have arrived at Ludian County and members are working tirelessly with our local partners to provide relief to the quake survivals.