Feast For the Elderly

The Amity Foundation teamed up with the local community to held a feast for elderly citizen on Chongyang Festival. Over 300 people attended the event.

On October 28, the Amity Foundation co-hosted a feast for elderly people with the Jiangsu Broadcasting cooperation to advocate and foster a spirit of dedication, friendship and volunteering for senior citizens. Seniors in need, local businesses which are supporting the cause authorities and health care representatives from the local Qixia District were invited to gather on Chongyang Festival to the launch of Amity’s 'Project to Care for Thousands of Seniors in Need'. The project advocates for a charity model that includes the public community to support lonely, elderly people who are living alone with disabilities or varying degrees of functional impairments.

Li Sheng, of the Jiangsu Broadcasting cooperation explained in his speech the purpose of hosting an Elderly Feast and initiating Amity’s 'Project to Care for Thousands of Seniors in Need'. He said that he feels confident when the government, media and charities all work together and are determined to help the elderly and added: "It brings me joy to see more and more people starting to take notice of and reach out a helping hand to people in need.”

Local participating organizations receive a certification for their contribution (left). Volunteers making a pledge to serve (right).

Jiangsu News Director Wang Weigang emphasized the organizations partnership with the Amity. Since July 2014, the two organizations started a ‘Lunch on wheels’ project that provided free lunch to the seniors in the community, especially for those who have functional limitations. The project was then upgraded to 'Mom and Pop Canteen', which further ignited society’s empathy, allowing it to expand from serving a community to serving the entire city’s elderly people in need. Wang Weigang expressed his hope that with the support from the government and under the professional leadership of non-profit organizations, people will continue to support the work of charities.

The "Chong Yang Festival" is celebrated on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month. It is also known as the Double Ninth Festival or Chinese Senior’s Day.

Amity Foundation Assistant General Secretary Chu Chaoyu reminded the audience that respect for the elderly and love for children are traditional Chinese virtues and filial piety is an important aspect of Chinese culture. Since the Amity International Philanthropy Valley has been established, it expanded its elderly care services, including medical services, rehabilitation, and personalized care. As an example of Amity's holistic and personalized approach Chu Chaoyu pointed out Amity's community support programme 'Good neighbors knock!'. This programme supports seniors living on their own and independently in the community. The programme establishes a support network of community volunteers that ensures the physical and psychological well-being of those elderly who are living without family or relative support on their own in an “empty nest”. The programme is recruiting people on the streets and via social media.

Amity Foundation Assistant General Secretary Chu Chaoyu giving a speech (left). Elderly people from the community enjoying the feast (right).

After the feast, specialists of the local hospital provide free medical services to the elderly.

For the 'Project to Care for Thousands of Seniors in Need', the Amity Foundation teamed up with local media, businesses and social organizations. They strive to set up a system to encourage organizations, families, and individuals to make directed monetary donations, material donations, or provide daily care services to meet those needs. Volunteers can also donate their time and provide one-one-one care to the elderly through NGOs.