Encouraging girls to pursue higher education

On 24-26 March, Amity staff and six volunteers traveled from Hong Kong and Nanjing to Guiyang to organize workshops and training for almost 100 students of Amity’s University for Girls program.

Female students from poor rural families in China often have to overcome the tradition and norms of gender inequality. They often face disadvantages and do not have resources to receive higher education. Students under Amity’s U for Girls program showed a lot of passion to overcome those burdens and finally admitted to the universities through the help of an Amity scholarship.

However, admitted to the university it is the start of a new challenge for them. The fast pace in the city, the separation from their families and limited support often causes the students a long time to adapt into their new lives and the university environment. Compared to other students who grow up in the city the students from rural areas are disadvantaged. They can easily lose their confidence.

Consequently, the Amity Foundation analyzed the needs of the students during different stages of their university studies in the passed four years. Thereafter, Amity has set up a counseling and support network for the girls and provides training and workshops in order to enhance their confidence and capacities to address their needs in the four-year study.

“I know what I want to achieve, and what success mean to me after attending the workshop,” says one student.

The participants are developing practical skills for their future university studies with the help of volunteering experts

The young women learn how to set their goals and directions for the coming four-year study and find an efficient way for their personal learning strategy.

Professional volunteers from the psychological and educational fields are teaching them techniques and methods like mind-mapping and six thinking hats, by which they enhance their memory and creativity, while developing a more comprehensive way of thinking.

One student made the following sharing after attending the workshop, “These skills are knowledge that we can never learn from the courses in university, but they are maybe even more important than the knowledge from the books. It prepares us to face confidently the challenges in the future studies and in our career. It is not only about the skills, but also about our attitude.”

Amity thanks for the participation and support from the donors and volunteers. They are most important to carry out all the programs and events and to help the students in need. We are looking for further support to help more female students in China. If you want to know more about the U for Girls Program, please call us at (852) 2723 8011 or email to [email protected].