Emergency Appeal – Cold wave freezes communities in Nepal

Over the holidays an emergency appeal by Amity's local partner Transform Nepal (TN) has reached the Amity Hong Kong office pleading for support. Cold waves are shattering parts of Nepal and communities are in urgent need of blankets. Photos from our partner on site show families and children suffering in the cold burning shrubs and wood to cope with low temperatures.

Major news agencies reporting about this humanitarian crisis, which is triggered by climate change and affects the most vulnerable of the population. Our local partner warns that poor people do not have warm clothes, and they have compelled to stay around fire. Many of these families suffered from floods earlier this year when Amity and Transform Nepal provided disaster relief assistance.

One of the TN volunteers on-site reports: “Poor people are prone to the disaster. They have recently faced a big loss due to flash flood and now they are suffering from frosting cold. It is very hard for them to cope with the Cold. I have seen children without shoes and sandals, no blankets and jackets.“ The Amity Foundation is responding with our local partner TN on site. In the first batch, we will distribute 1,140 blankets to 570 families in urgent need in Sarlahi and Rautaha district, Province 2, until 6 January 2020.

Winter has just begun and more people are in the need for more support. An additional blanket costs 1,200 Nepalese Rupee, which is a bit more than 9 Euros or 10 USD. If you want to help, too, please consider a donation to Amity and help us and our partners in Nepal to distribute more blankets to families and communities affected by the disaster.

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