Elderly Care Centers

Social workers, staff and elderly do gymnastics on the compound of Qixia Philanthropy Valley

Since 2010, Amity has been seting up Service Centers for Senior Citizens. We foster a kind of system to integrate institutional service with community based home care. Amity’s social service work is rooted in the communities to meet the needs of elderly people and their communities. The senior care centers provide long-term, short-term and day care for the elderly who are living in the communities. Amity also encourages volunteers to visit the elderly who live by themselves to provide spiritual comfort.

Amity is running different types of elderly care centers who can be mainly summarized within the Amity International Philanthropy Valley.

In 2012, the Amity Foundation signed a management agreement with Qixia District Civil Affairs Bureau of Nanjing and became responsible for an elderly home in the Nanjing's Qixia District. The Qixia district lies in the rural-urban fridge and is subject to fast urbanization and urban development. This was the beginning of the Amity International Philanthropy Valley. The Valley covers 26 acres, with more than 10,000 square meter buildings and 160 beds at the present. Next to the village is also a church. Since 2012 Amity's work has expanded and different new and innovative projects have been carried out.

Qixia Philanthropy Valley houses

two elderly centers

Various local voluntary groups, hospitals and universities providing integrated services and development

University volunteers in front of the office building

The Valley lies next to a church and we cooperate with the parish

On the compound the residents find a peaceful environment with fresh air and gardens

Outdoor facilities to exercise and the possibilities for pastime

Within the International Philanthropy Valley, Amity is running two nursing Homes and various offices of additional urban community programs regarding the elderly:

  • Amity Rengu Nursing Home (Chinese Website)
  • Amity Qixia Nursing Home
  • Amity Community Nursing Homes
  • Amity Nursing Home-Care Centers
  • Qixia Virtual Nursing Home

The canteen of the Qixia elderly center

Rooms and buildings are comfortable

and high standard

as well as our

staff's effort

We focus on

providing professional elderly care in our nursing homes by an integrated team of social workers, nurses, therapists, volunteers and doctors

  • medical care
  • rehabilitation services
  • human care
  • personalized diet
  • devotional service
  • event highlights

professional medical care



with modern equipment

human care

psychological comfort

vocational therapies



personalized diet

serving individual nutritional needs

diet regarding care recipients' physical condition

church related services and pastoral ministries

interaction with the neighboring parish



Brain Gym



leisure and sports


advocating and developing community services

  • organizing and developing the support from social organizations, social workers and volunteers
  • collaborating with District Civil Affairs Bureaus and neighborhood committees and accelerate the development of community services
  • improve market adaptability and develop projects with a positive attitude to innovation
  • strive for support from the government and the Social Fund and improve the quantity of projects
  • invite experts, enhance our campabilities and optimize service management processes
  • advocating for Dementia and Alzheimer's

providing professional community services

  • free medical services
  • free physical examination
  • entertainment and sports activities
  • various activities such as sharing news, developing friendship, organizing tea parties
  • providing free lunch

free physical examination

providing free lunch

community activities

Amity's nursing homes are tailoring the provision of services to the residents' need. Daily care is integrated with volunteers' service and social work. Amity stages various trainings, events and conferences every year. We are further searching for international exchange and cooperation to foster and develop Amity's engagement to enhance our elderly services and serve the society. Our approach is to function as a role model for the provision of services for the elderly in China, in terms of ethics, profession and expertise.

Monika Maria Wenzel, a professional from Germany provided training, expertise and practical knowledge to more than 20 local licensed nurses of Amity's caring centers.

Amity is searching for experts who want to expand their horizon and take part in Amity's international exchange endeavours. For more information click here or contact:

Chu Chaoyu

Assistant General Secretary
Director Social Service Center

[email protected]

Project Stories

Working on the grassroots

for Alzheimer’s alleviation

in China


Free lunch leads to a

better life for elderly Mr. Zhu