Diaconal Work

The word Diaconia is rooted in the Bible and can stand for 'caring for each other' or 'serving God in caring for our fellow creatures'. We are using the term to facilitate care for those who are in need and who receive no other help - out of the value of benevolence and Christian charity. The Amity Foundation is supporting Diacona through local churches, partner organizations and in our own work with professionally trained staff, social workers and volunteers.

A nurse comforts a patient in Amity's elderly home




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Diaconal Work



Working with Churches


Since its establishment, Amity has teamed up with churches in China and overseas to serve as a bridge for the Christian Church and society. Our work can be categorized into three
general areas: capacity building for churches, developing projects and enhancing inter-church exchange and cooperation. Amity helps churches to develop and professionalize their own charity efforts and diaconal work.
Furthermore, we promote further unity among religions and churches through dialogues, exchanges, cooperation and mutual help, not only in China but worldwide.


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Christians are advocating for enviromental protection

in front of their church

An elderly and Amity staff are enjoying the garden

of Amity's Elderly Home


Elderly Care


Amity is running different elderly care centers, summarized within the Amity International Philanthropy Valley. We foster a system to integrate institutional services with community based home care, providing long-term, short-term and day care for the elderly. Our team of social workers, nurses, therapists, volunteers and doctors are advocating for comprehensive elderly care service models, including intensive care, dementia, Alzheimer's and hospitz care. Amity is building support platforms focusing on holistic approaches puting the well-being of the elderly into the center.

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Service for people

with Challenges


Autism, disabilities and mental challenges remain the focus of Amity’s work. These marginalized groups do not have enough capacity to make their own voices heard and their demands known. Amity has established institutional centres and reaches out into the communities to form support networks and train affected people, families and volunteers.

>> Amity Home of Blessings

>> Amity Children Development Center

>> Amity Bakery

Bakers with special challenges presenting mooncakes

during vocational training

An Amity teacher is providing bilingual deaf education to her class


Social Welfare


Social Work and Welfare projects are focusing on the special needs of vulnerable groups providing care, support and resources. Furthermore, we are introducing best interntional practices. Amity focuses on empowerment, respect, acceptance and equality in areas of children’s development, care, medical rehabilitation and education.

           - Orphanage Care Program

           - Service and Development Program for Children

           - Special Education