Coronavirus: Updates on Amity's work

The Amity Foundation has expanded its emergency relief response in containing the coronavirus outbreak. We support various hospitals and communities in Hubei Province in fighting the virus. Thereby, we receive continuous strong support from local and overseas partners. Follow Amity's Social Media channels for more updates.

February 9 to February 15

With the support of people from all walks of life, Amity Foundation has provided more than 389 tons of disinfection supplies (disinfectant, hand sanitizer, etc.), Powered Air Purifying Respirator (662sets with accessories), 23,940 protective face shields, 2,240 pairs of goggles, 18,000 KN95 masks, 250,000 pairs of disposable inspection gloves, 10,000 coronavirus nucleic acid detection reagents and other medical and protective supplies.

Furthermore, Amity delivered 330 ventilators, patient monitors, syringe pumps and infusion pumps, as well as daily necessities such as 6000 bowls of instant noodles and 996 boxes of instant rice packages, to medical institutions and communities in Wuhan, Huangshi, Jingmen, Jingzhou, Huanggang, Ezhou, Xiaogan and other cities and counties in Hubei Province.

Amity teamed up with Alibaba and other companies and launched the “Guarding Angels” project. The project provides meals for front-line medical staff, who struggle to have regular meals due to their heavy workload. The project has already raised more than 4 million RMB and provided more than 60,000 meals to medical and administrative staff in 16 cities.

(Listed numbers are delivered supplies with confirmation of receipt from hospitals and communities)

To recognize each other in full medical gear, doctors write their names on their clothing. These doctors are obviously happy about the powered air-purifying respirators, which provide the highest protective standards.

Another truck delivers supplies to hospitals

The supplies are reloaded to a hospital van

Amity has launched a project to provide meals for hospital workers, who lack the time to eat due to their heavy workload

The "Guarding Angels" project has provided more than 40,000 meals to hospitals in 16 cities

February 2 to February 9

The Amity Foundation has sent more than 369 tons of disinfection supplies (disinfectants, hand sanitizers, etc.), 12,900 protective screens, 3,000 goggles, 18,000 KN95 masks, gloves, and respirators to medical institutions and communities in Wuhan, Jingmen, Jingzhou, Huangshi, Huanggang, Ezhou, Xiaogan and other cities in Hubei Province. Meanwhile, the Amity Foundation also delivered 2.5 tons of disinfectant, 370 protective screens, and 36 respirators to the local medical institutions and communities in Nanjing.

(numbers were updated according to delivered supplies with confirmation of receipt from hospitals and communities on February 12)

On February 9, Amity distributed respirators among hospitals in Wuhan

On 9 February, 1.288 protective screens and und 120 respirators, donated by local companies and the public, were sent from Nanjing to Xianning and Huanggang in Hubei Province

Disinfectants are unloaded at Amity's Social Service Center in Qixia District, Nanjing

Amity Printing Company became a logistic hub and interim storage facility for Amity's relief operation

Disinfectants are unloaded at Amity's Social Service Center in Qixia District, Nanjing

January 29 to February 2:

As of February 2, 2020, Amity Foundation has received a total of RMB 35.57 Million donation (including committed donation) from companies, organizations, online fundraising and individuals, and has transported nearly 300 tons of various disinfectants, 10,700 medical protective screens, 713 boxes of various disinfection supplies, 3000 goggles, 43,000 masks, 250,000 pairs of medical examination gloves, and food (including instant noodles and instant rice packages) to the Hubei Province, the province that is most affected by the coronavirus. 
To support the work of Hubei's local social organizations, to promote sector advocacy on fighting against the coronavirus, and to explore international network, Amity Foundation, One Foundation, Narada Foundation, China Merchants Charitable Foundation, Zhenron Foundation, China Social Welfare Foundation, Beijing Pinglan Foundation, China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Beijing Normal University Research Center for Risk Governance and Innovation, and the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) officially launched the China NGO Consortium for 2019-nCOV (CNC-2019nCOV).
Christians in China are supporting Amity's emergency relief operations. Chinese churches have raised more than 1.07 million RMB to support Amity's relief efforts in containing the coronavirus, according to the official CCC/TSPM website.
The coronavirus outbreak has also affected Jiangsu Province, where Amity Foundation's headquarters is located. It becomes common for medical staff in Nanjing's hospitals, especially in the local community hospitals, to have no time to go out for meals. Since Jan 29, the Amity Medical Health Fund, which is jointly established by Amity and Nanjing University, supports the doctors in local community hospitals and provide meals for them.
Amity Foundation purchased the second batch of 1,100 medical protective screens and sent them to Wuhan. Transportation is supported by the China Post. Amity's General Secretary Ling Chunxiang went to the screen factory to coordinate and help with the packing and loading

Amity Health Fund started to support doctors and medical personnel at the frontline and is delivering free meals for them

January 26 to 29 January:

Protective screens arriving at hospitals in Wuhan on 26 January 2020

Almost 15,000 bottles of disinfectants were distributed among community hospitals in Wuhan

From January 26 to January 29, Amity Foundation delivered 18,000 KN95 masks to Wuhan and 3,000 goggles to hospitals in cities of Jingzhou, Huangshi and Jingmen. Additionally, 79 tons and 713 cases (a total of 14,992 bottles) of disinfectants arrived in Wuhan, and 23,5 tons of disinfectants are shipped to the city of Xiaogan, Hubei Province.

Barrels of disinfectants are loaded (left) and arrive (right) in Wuhan

Amity is sending trucks with tons of disinfectants to Hubei Province on a daily basis