Coronavirus Outbreak - Photo Series

On 30 January, the coronavirus outbreak was declared to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) by the World Health Organization (WHO). Since January 24, the Amity Foundation works actively to contain the outbreak. We support various hospitals and communities in fighting the virus. Thereby, we receive strong support from local and overseas partners. Here's a look at some images taken by Amity staff and our partners.

On February 16, in total 20 tons of disinfectants are loaded on trucks in Jiangsu about to depart to Wuhan. Until the end of February, the Amity Foundation has delivered more than 470 tons of various disinfectants to regions affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

On February 19, the makeshift hospital of the East Lake High-tech Zone Convention and Exhibition Center receive disinfectants from Amity. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, China built 32 makeshift hospitals, which are called cabin hospitals in China.

Amity's General Secretary, Ling Chunxiang helps to pack protective medical face shields. The Amity Foundation has almost delivered 32,000 protective face shields to medical personnel in hospitals.

Since 24 January, trucks with supplies provided by the Amity Foundation and partners are loaded and depart on a daily basis to the virus affected areas.

On 18 February, 30 tons of disinfectants arrived in the city of Huangshi, Hubei Province. The social organization Blue Sky Rescue sent volunteers to help unload and distribute the supplies among health centers, communities, and hospitals in the city.

The Amity Foundation is relying on local partner organizations to distribute the supplies. This photo shows the arrival of disinfectant to the city of Xiaogan, Hubei Province. Xiaogan Volunteers Association worked with the local organization “Gong Yi Chao Ren” delivering the disinfectant to communities and hospitals for environmental disinfection.

Volunteers are loading boxes of protective face shields on a truck during a rain shower on January 26. The face shields were sent to Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

Powered air-purifying respirators provide the highest protection standards for the health personnel. Behind the protective shields of the newly arrived powered air-purifying respirators, you can see the happiness in the eyes of these doctors.

Hospital staff at the Jin Yin Tan hospital in Wuhan receive the powered air-purifying respirators provided by the Amity Foundation.

Amity received support from local and overseas partners. Volunteers are loading face shields funded by Mary Kay China on a truck to Wuhan. Until the end of February, the Amity Foundation has raised more than 68 million RMB, including committed donations and donated items.

Amity purchased 30 tons of hydrogen peroxide with part of funds donated by Hongyang Group. The loading was shipped from Anhui Province to Huangpi District, Wuhan and arrived at noon on January 29.

The liquid disinfectants are partitioned in smaller canisters and distributed among communities and organizations at locations, that are in high-risk of coronavirus contagion.

A community worker spraying disinfectants at a trash bin nearby a sports playground in Wuhan. In Hubei, the most severely affected province, more than 16 cities with more than 57 million people are under lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus since end of January.

The arrivals of supplies delivered by Amity are verified by confirmation of receipt from the hospitals and partner organizations.

"Together we can defeat corona." Students in Kenya from Chanqing DBSA School, supported by Amity's overseas education program, are sending photos of encouragement.

Amity's Philippine partner organization KAISA, which Amity supported in typhoon disaster relief responses in 2013 and 2018, donated 100,000 RMB to Amity. Members of the Tsinoy (Chinese Philippine) organization symbolically presenting the donation to the Chinese ambassador in Manila.

The photo shows 9,820 masks (37 boxes) in front of Amity's headquarters in Nanjing on February 19. They have been donated and sent by Amity's North-American partners.

Amity staff putting messages of encouragement on the boxes of protective medical shields before they are shipped to hospitals in Wuhan. 武汉 加油 means literally translated Wuhan add oil and can be translated with "Wuhan, let's go“.

Amity joined hands with Alibaba Charity, (a food delivery service company), and Taobao Live Stream and launched the "Guarding Angel" Program. The program provides meals for front-line medical staff, who struggle to have regular meals due to their heavy workload.

The Amity Foundation has provided 123,982 meals for front-line medical workers in 17 cities across the country until February 27.

With meals provided to hospitals, the doctors have not only sufficient breaks during their long shifts, but also avoid the frequent replacement of their protective gear and clothing.

These doctors show their appreciation while enjoying their lunch, provided by the Amity Special Health Fund, which provide meals to community hospitals within Jiangsu Province. The project was initiated by the Amity Foundation and Nanjing University.

The Guarding Angel project has raised more than 4,45 million RMB of donations online and offline and delivers thousands of meals on a daily basis to front-line medical workers.

A delivery driver is sorting meals before they are packed into boxes and transported to hospitals.

The Guarding Angel project receives high praise and support from the public. Medical staff, who relentlessly providing services for patients since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak are widely seen as the courageous protagonists in this crisis.