Community Development, Environmental Protection, Public Health, HIV Prevention

Community-based integrated and participatory approaches

Amity’s community development projects target rural and urban communities. By following an integrated and participatory approach, humans stand in the center of Amity’s development cooperation projects. This is vital for a sustainable development and in line with ethical international standards. Urbanization in China exceeds all expectations in scale and speed. China’s cities as well as rural areas are facing new challenges. A floating and aging population, issues of poverty, education, health, environment and a diversity of cultural and ethnical environments leading to sharp contrasts in present China. The development of urban areas become as important as the reconstruction of healthy villages.

Public Health Care and HIV/Aids prevention and control

Amity promotes the construction of a primary health care service networks. Through the support and the training of professional health-care workers, Amity provides safe, effective, and convenient health services for local residents. By increasing public education, Amity also focuses on raising awareness and improves the self-treatment abilities of communities. The prevention of diseases, the self-reliance and the empowerment of the people and their communities are main focuses of Amity's engagement in this field. By following a community-based and participatory approach, public health and AIDS/HIV prevention projects have a holistic and integrated focus. Underprivileged people as the floating population, elderly, women, ethnic minorities, children and high-risk populations are especially considered.


  • poverty reduction
  • general public health
  • HIV prevention and control
  • training of communities
  • ethnic minorities
  • disadvantaged urban population
  • enviromental protection


Working together

to eradicate poverty


Empower women

to support Tujia

communities and culture

Amity's rural development project

Sample projects

Village water construction

Water Projects have long been high on Amity’s list of priorities since the pressing need for safe drinking water is becoming more and more of a problem not only for China but also for the world. Amity helps to improve access to safe drinking, water resource conservation, prevention of water pollution and public awareness building regarding water related issues. (link)

Self-organized programs by farmers

Several self-organized programs have been set up by farmers with the assistance of the Amity Foundation in less developed county towns. These programs help enhance cohesion between farmers within the community and promote community development in terms of economy, culture, environment, sanitation and other aspects. (link)

AIDS Prevention and Control - a holistic approach

The Amity Foundation was one of the early non-governmental organizations to start programs focused on the prevention of AIDS in China. In the mid-90s, the Amity Foundation started focusing on AIDS groups and started research work in Yunnan Province. Nowadays project activities are covering 13 provinces. Experience more how Amity’s AIDS Prevention and Control project became a role model. (link)