Church and Social Services

Amity - a bridge for the church and Christians to engage in social services

The consistent spirit of Christianity is social service. Love needs to be witnessed and demonstrated in action. Since its establishment, Amity has teamed up with churches in China and overseas to serve as a bridge for the Christian Church and society.

The Amity Foundation’s Chinese name has two characters that serve as the basis of the name: 爱 (ai) and 德 (de). The first character means “love”. The second character helps to form the words for “morality” and “ethics.” Amity continuously advocates for the participation of parishes in social service projects and supports Christians to become an active part of society.

The purpose is to promote Christian participation in social issues and to enable society to have a better understanding of the Christian community. Amity wants to promote further unity among religions and churches through inter-faith dialogues, exchanges, cooperation and mutual help, not only in China but worldwide.

In the hope that Christianity will make greater contributions to a harmonious social development, Amity advocates for Christian’s engagement in environmental and health concerns as well as social services and welfare. Just as the late Bishop Ting said,

“Amity has helped more and more Chinese Christians to see the beauty of Christians identifying themselves with those who are in need of service.”


  • Disability Ministry
  • Environmental Protection
  • Support of poverty-stricken preachers
  • Social Service Network
  • Church capacity building


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Sample Projects in the program


Amity Social Service Network

To further promote the development of church-run social service institutions, the Amity Foundation formed a strategic alliance with the institutions and initiated the establishment of the Amity Social Service Network. (link)

Jiangsu Christian Fund

The aim of the Jiangsu Christian Fund for Social Service is to strengthen the cooperation and contact between the Amity Foundation and all churches in Jiangsu, to promote the social service mission of Christian Churches, to practice faith and witness to Christ, and to forge ahead with the construction of Civil Society. (link)  

Volunteering at the Amity Family Retreat

Thoughts by Zhang Zhidong

Wheels for Love

Amity's wheelchair distribution Part I

Love makes barriers blur

Amity's wheelchair distribution Part II


Deborah Retreat – a camp for women pastors

Women pastors in China, pastor reatreat camp, Amity church projects, Jiangsu Christian Fund, Chinese ministry

The first ‘Deborah Retreat’ was held from March 24th to 28th, 2015 in beautiful Hengjian, Liyang. Forty women pastors from different parts of Jiangsu were invited to a recreational camp. The camp is an initiative to strengthen the resilience and capacities of Chinese female pastors and to lay a solid foundation for Chinese ministry.