Changing the perception of China

The Hamburg delegation is visiting the Amity Printing Company in Nanjing (left) and a womens' association in Yunnan (right)

In the course of the anniversary of the city partnership between Hamburg and Shanghai, a Bishops delegation from the North Church of Germany visited the Amity Foundation in Nanjing from 24 to 30 October. The executives of the North Church, the Hamburg city parliament and diaconal institutions and foundations got informed about social development and diaconal work in China.

In exposure tours the German delegation experienced innovative approaches of Amity's holistic elderly care concept (left) and talked to Amity's staff and management at the Amity Headquaters (right)

Therefore, the members went on exposure trips to Amity's urban diaconal institutions in Nanjing and rural community projects in Yunnan. In Nanjing the delegation visited the Amity Bakery, the Amity children development Center and the world's largest bible producer, the Amity Printing Company. During a meeting with the management of Amity, the state of social development was discussed and both parties expressed their interest in future diaconal cooperation. “Amity is delighted of the delegation’s visit and is grateful for the decades of friendship, partnership and support of the German Church. We hope that we can continue and expand this partnership in the future, "said She Hongyu, Assistant General Secretary of Amity.

Subsequently, the delegation visited rural community development projects in the border region to Myanmar, where ethnic minorities are supported in their fight against HIV / AIDS, drugs and poverty. Most participants came to China for the first time and many of their perceptions changed after experiencing a diverse and multifarious China in person instead through a filtered media lens. "In the ten days of visiting China, my image of China has completely changed," said one of the delegates at the end of the trip.

The delegation is visiting Amity's community development projects in Yunnan