Capacity Building

As the situation develops, the society becomes more open. The Chinese central government put forward a “five in one” idea, which includes economic construction, cultural construction, political construction, social construction and environmental construction. Social construction is especially related to the development of social organizations.

According to statistics, there are more than 400,000 registered social organizations in China. However, very few of them are qualified, or in other words, capable to carry out activities. The root cause is that China’s social construction is still at the starting phase. How to foster social organizations and how to ensure their healthy development are challenging questions. With new historic conditions and opportunities, Amity establishes NGO Development Center to meet these social needs. Based on the situation of social organizations and social construction, the Center providing help and support to grass-root social organizations, building platforms where social organizations, local governments, enterprises and educational circles can communicate and exchange ideas, promote the social development and contribute to building a “harmonious society”.

To be specific, the Amity NGO Development Center selects social organizations that are in the growing phase and can pertinently meet social needs and provides incubation and fostering to them. Using resources of the Amity Foundation, experts in educational circles and outstanding representatives from NGOs, the Center targets the development and management needs of the social organizations and carries out various training on organizational management, team building, professional service, resource development and philanthropic spirit to improve the comprehensive development capacity of social organizations. While helping people in the project areas to build and improve their capacities, Amity should pay special attention to its own capacity building. Amity needs to keep pace with the times, bring in the experience and resources of organizations with Amity’s own characteristics and practices, and combine their endeavor and innovation with professionalism.