Building awareness for inter-religious respect

The Amity Foundation teams up with the Association for the Promotion of Intercultural and Inter-religious Dialogue in Geneva. We aim to promote inter-religious communication, respect and appreciation of diversified faith, culture and traditions. Therefore, the two organizations have joined hands and compiled a notebook highlighting celebrations days of all major religions and the themes Ecology and Spirituality within different religious contexts.

The cooperation was encouraged by the original producer of the Inter-religious Calendar, which already has versions translated into French, German, Arabic and Hindu. The Amity Foundation is the first Chinese partner initiated to pilot a Chinese version adapted to the Chinese country context.

The Amity Foundation has been involved in inter-religious cooperation for social service projects in China and regular shares experiences among all five major religious groups. Inter-religious communication and knowledge will enhance social inclusion and solidarity contributing mutual understanding and peace in China's multi-religious context.

It is an existing tradition of Amity to produce its own calendar integrating Chinese lunar calendar and Christian festivals. Chinese or English calendars and Chinese notebooks can be ordered via our headquarters. For inquiries: [email protected]

The green notebook Ecology and Spirituality (left) and the Amity calendar 2019 (right) can be ordered.