Book release: Toward a Shared Sustainable Future

It is with great pride that we bring to you some of the valuable insights shared and distilled at the December 2016 international conference in Nanjing on “Religions, Values, Ethics and Development”. We wish to thank all participants in and organizers of our 2016 conference. The papers in the book 'Toward a Shared Sustainable Future - The role of Religion, Values and Ethics' offer readers some of the important perspectives on what we have tried to accomplish.

The 2016 conference on “Religions, Values, Ethics and Development,” co-organized in Nanjing by the Amity Foundation and the Institute for World Religions of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, brought together people from different religions and also scholars of religions, government officials and practitioners from faith-based organizations who were convinced that religions can and must play a significant role for ensuring the achievement of sustainable development goals in a rapidly globalizing world. To address the huge challenges confronting the planet earth will require that we work together across religions, across national borders, transcending our cultural and religious differences.“ (Qiu Zhonghui)

The book can be purchased from Amity Hong Kong. For orders and further information please contact: [email protected]. You can also find an electronic version here.


The Amity Foundation translated the book into Mandarin. Hard copies are available now and can be ordered as well.