Board elects Ling Chunxiang as General Secretary

On September 16, the Amity's fifth Board meeting took place in Nanjing. More than twenty people attended the meeting, including the executive directors, board members and staff of the administration office.

In accordance with the China Charity law, Ms Ling Chunxiang was elected as the new General Secretary of the Amity Foundation. Ms. Ling Chunxiang started to work for the Amity Foundation in 1999. Last, she was deputy general secretary and head of Amity's administration office.

Furthermore, the Board Meeting presented and discussed work plans and reports. In her work report, Ling Chunxiang pointed out that the Amity Foundation raised 168 million RMB in funds until September 14. Especially the results of the Tencent 9/9 Philanthropy Day and the charity week are expected to exceed more than 60 million RMB. Furthermore, Amity has successfully continued to enhance the institutional development and internal management according to new regulations and laws.

Ling Chunxiang during her speech

After her election, Ms Ling Chunxiang empathized the historical transformation of the Amity Foundation over the last 15 years in terms of work areas, personnel scale and funding. She said that she is deeply honored and will continue to work closely with the leadership, relevant authorities, the Board and the whole Amity team for the cause of further social development.

Mr Qiu Zhonghui addresses the Board

Mr Qiu Zhonghui, the previous General Secretary, was elected as the Chair of the Amity Board on April 2018. In his speech at the end of the fifth board meeting, Mr Qiu expressed his gratitude to work the past 15 years in the Era of China's Reform and Opening Up, which lead to Amity's development and growth. Last but not least, Mr Qiu said that the foundation for future development has been built, and he expressed his expectations of vivid future innovation and inspiration.