Amity's new Board meets for the second time

More than 20 people attended Amity's second Board Meeting of the Third Board

Amity Foundation’s Third Board met for the second time in Nanjing on the afternoon of 15 April, 2017. Over 20 people took part, including Amity Foundation’s consultant and former deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial National People’s Congress Mr Zhao Long, Amity Foundation’s Deputy Board Chairman cum General Secretary Mr Qiu Zhonghui, members of the Third Board, members of the supervising body and other relevant Amity staff. The Board passed Amity Foundation's 2016 Annual Report and Financial Report, as well as its 2017 Annual Plan and Financial Budget. After due consideration, it passed Amity Foundation’s application to be a recognized charity organization and amended the Constitution of the Amity Foundation, in order to meet the new legal requirements for foundations in China. In addition, the meeting also decided about the establishment of an assets management committee and other important matters.

General Secretary Qiu Zhonghui reviews Amity's work in 2016 and plans for the future

General Secretary Qiu Zhonghui presented Amity's 2016 Annual Report and its Annual Plan for 2017. Under the guidance of the provincial United Front Work Department and the Board, along with all the hard work of the entire Amity staff, Amity's income reached in 235 million, the highest in Amity’s history with a record-breaking 130 million RMB from online donations in 2016. Gen. Secretary Qiu gave a detailed description of some of Amity's main projects, including rural community development, urban community services, brand promotion, resource development, support of the third sector and advocacy. Furthermore, he outlined Amity's unique development through the three areas: internationalization, religious charity and community enterprises.

Gen. Secretary Qiu emphasized that Amity promotes the healthy development of non-profit institutions in accordance with laws and regulations, the development of standardization and professionalization of NGO-management and Amity's three philanthropic principles of transparency, wisdom and virtue. These methods have proven to be effective in practice. In 2017, Amity will continue to steadily advance in each of the six main areas of work compliant with its strategic framework: a focus on governance to promote community development, social services through churches, to intensify the process of international cooperation, to focus on the healthy development of the third sector, leveraging creativity to facilitate diversification in development, and improving institutional capacity building in accordance with the regulatory framework. The Board held a lively discussion on Amity's 2016 Annual Report and Financial Report, as well as the 2017’s Annual Plan and Financial Budget. They highly commend Amity’s exceptional performance in 2016, along with suggestions for Amity's main focuses of work and development philosophies in 2017.

Group photo of Amity Foundation’s Third Board in front of Amity's headquaters in Nanjing

The Board members felt that Amity is a role model among NGOs in China, whether in the overall restructuring of the institution, in public service advocacy and international development. At the same time, Amity is implementing actual projects, thus being a model NGOs, both in China and overseas. The Boards hopes that Amity can continue to strengthen peoples' capacity building and develop talents for the sector. Furthermore, the Board expressed the opinion that Amity can play a unique role as a non-government organization in China's ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative. By building a strong social foundation of social engagement, strengthening international responsibility and promoting religious public welfare, Amity can facilitate sustainable development through faith based traditions and resources, and capitalize on the rapid expansion of the internet. And its uniqueness to innovate, consolidate and enhance cooperative areas and platforms. With increased support of the people, Amity's project promotion should be accompanied by sharing the valuable vision and professional etiquette gained in the last three decades. This would bring out the sophistication of the Amity brand and thereby gaining further popular support.

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