For young people looking for an incredible life experience, ideas for their future, and maybe even just a touch of adventure, Amity offers an unparalleled opportunity through its Young Adults Program in China. Participants of this program get to immerse themselves in a language, country and culture completely different from their own, make contact with their Chinese peers, and acquire valuable skills through service to and empowerment of others.

Why will you need this kind of experience?

  • Living in this information explosion age, young generation are better-informed than ever before, and at the same time, however, are more easily affected by bias, or even “faked” news. With a whole year’s life in China, teaching teenagers or working with Chinese people, volunteers in this program can have first-hand experience to answer “How is China like?”
  • In western part of China where is comparatively lack of educational resources and cultural exposures from outside world, students or even English teachers there may have not talked with foreigners ever before. The emergence of the energetic young foreigners who speak English very well will not only help students in their English but also ignite their passion to learn about the world.

'I am thankful for the chance to be a cultural ambassador and broaden my student's horizon.'

'It is a great opportunity to gain experiences which I had never been able to gain back in Germany'

What can you achieve with YAP?

  • You will have new ideas and new perspectives on life, hands-on serving and cross-cultural experience, learn Chinese and, more often than not, a much better understanding of themselves and their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • You can build a strong connection with China and Chinese people, help to break down barriers of misunderstanding or miscommunication, if exists, and build bridges of tolerance and peace for the world.

What will you do in YAP?

  • A compulsory Summer Training Program (pre-post training) in August prior to your service in China (including advice on living and working in China, dealing with cross-cultural surprises and, most practically for those who have never taught before, how to teach a lesson in a Chinese English-language classroom.)

  • To serve in NGO/schools in China
  • To attend Chinese classes
  • Assigned with local colleagues and an Amity program supervisor to whom they can turn at any time for help and advice when needed.
  • To attend Amity Winter Conference including visiting other Amity projects

Group picture of YAP participants in Yangzhou

Teaching English in a school class

What will you receive during the YAP?

Local school will provide a free accommodation with food subsidy of RMB1500 every month. School will provide a free Chinese language lesson twice a week. By the end of the program, Amity will conduct a final evaluation and you will receive a certification from Amity. In the winter, you will be able to attend Amity Winter Conference and visit Amity rural projects. By visiting, you will have a broad view of China and learning minority or local culture.

How to apply as an individual?

Before March 31st, send us filled application form together with two recommendation letters

Before April 15th, you will be informed if accepted.

Before May 15th, send us all the documents on the list which are needed for placement and official invitations.

Before June 15th Amity informs applicants of placements.

Before July 5th, Amity sends visa application documents.

Before July 30th, applicants transfer block grant to Amity

August 11th, participants arrive in Nanjing, China.

Who can volunteer?

Participants need to be 18- 28 years old, excellent at English and have at least a high school education. You should possess positive energy, enthusiasm, function well in a team with people from other cultures, no criminal background and obey Chinese laws and school regulations. After arrival in China, there will be a medical check-up.

Budget for Amity Young Volunteer Program






* Pre-post Training (3 weeks)




Travel to school




Winter Conference




Final Evaluation




Amity Administration Fee

( $ 100 x 5 months)

 500  (from September – January)


Amity Administration Fee

( $ 100 x 11 months)

1,100  (from September- July )


3,900 (for a 5 - month program)

4,500 (for a 11- month program)


Documents required by Amity for applying for the Official Letter of Invitation

Amity Application Form, CV (Resume), Copy of the ID page of the passport (with personal information), Photos of self (2 copies, passport size), Copies of their highest academic degree, Certificate of Non-criminal Record (with official seal), Two letters of recommendation (individual applicants only)

If this sounds interesting to you or someone you know, please contact us and we will get in touch with you to discuss further questions! We are looking forward to hear from you!

How to apply? – STEP by STEP

Read the



Fill out the

application form and send it to Amity. Consider to contact a sending agency! (link)

Wait for Amity's answer! Prepare for your trip!


Teaching in rural China

"Going my own path"


Amity organizes

Summer Training

for overseas volunteers


Experience more about the YAP in Amity Outlook No.7


Read an experience report


A Textbook for English Teachers to be used during Amity’s Young Adults Program


(Download the pdf)

“Learning English” is a textbook for use in the Amity Foundation Young Adult
Program (YAP). With volunteers from so many different places and backgrounds, teaching lessons based on such a variety of sources, it is good to have one common textbook across all this diversity.

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