Amity Winter Conference for overseas volunteers held in Nanning

Participants visiting a livelihood project funded by Amity and Bread for the World

From January 19 to 28, Amity's international exchange division organized a winter conference and the mid-term seminar for overseas volunteers. Participants are volunteers from Amity's Young Adults Program, who are currently doing their voluntary service in Chinese schools.

As part of the Amity Winter Conference, participants visited rural areas where Amity and Bread for the World have cooperated to alleviate poverty. In the village of Ya Chang Xiang, the group visited a goat project. Every family in the village could buy goats as seed money and generate income from selling meat or goats. In the small town of Luonan Town, the group was shown a newly built water tank, which supplied the whole school with drinking water from the mountains.

“As unspectacular as the concrete block looks to us at first sight, it is so important for the villagers and the students,” says Regina, the exchange program's officer from a German partner organization, who attended the trip to the countryside. At a local school, the volunteers held activities as guest teachers for one hour.

A volunteer teaching English in a playful way (left). The participants inspecting a water tank in a rural village (right).

Back in Nanning, the young adults held activities, evaluated their work and personal development of the first half year of their volunteering assignment. On the basis of games and tasks, the participants of the seminar discussed various topics of the volunteering service and collected relevant aspects of their everyday experiences.

During the mid-term seminar, the Amity volunteers from overseas evaluating their work.

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