Amity Water Construction Project

Villagers cooperate in building up a drinking water system with Amity's support

Water Construction projects

Water Projects have long been high on Amity’s list of priorities since the need for safe drinking water is becoming more and more of a pressing problem not only for China but also for the world. Amity helps in improving access to safe drinking, water resource conservation, prevention of water pollution and building public awareness regarding water-related issues.

Amity’s earliest water projects date back to the mid 90’s. Since then, Amity has been helping to build safe drinking water systems for thousands of villages in underdeveloped areas of China. 

The “Living Water Project” was initiated in recent years not only to provide clean, safe and sustainable drinking water to communities in need of it, but also to educate our younger generation about the water crisis and encourage them to take actions to provide tangible relief for water-deprived communities.  Amity held “Walk for Living Water” for the first time in Hong Kong in March 2011 as a response to the calling of UN Water Day.  The event attracted over 1,000 people, mostly young people.  Fund raised from this annual event has enabled Amity to subsidize the construction of three village drinking water systems so far.

The Amity Foundation is also working actively with partners both in China and overseas to share opinions and best practices regarding water issues.

Amity Approaches

  • Partnership  Amity needs cooperation from partners to reach the project goals. The partners include local governments, local communities, other NGOs, experts, companies, volunteers, donors and you.
  • Grassroots participation Those who are affected by changes in the ecological balance should become responsible stakeholders and ensure long-term sustainable use of natural resources. Amity always involves local residents in decision-making and management process of projects.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Amity insists on good monitoring and evaluation of the project to ensure accountability, cost-effectiveness and transparency of our work.
  • Education and Awareness Water is for all.  Living and consumption patterns over the planet are inter-related.  Charity alone is not enough to make sustainable changes.  Everyone needs to feel responsible and take relevant action.

Water is life. It is estimated that over a billion people in the world lack safe drinking water. In China alone, some 200 million people still struggle daily to get safe drinking water. As an independent NGO working in China for 28 years, the Amity Foundation has witnessed the consequent human tragedies, including poverty and water-borne diseases that disproportionally affect the young and lead to high rates of child mortality. The Amity Foundation is privileged to have provided assistance to millions over the last quarter of the century. In the last two years alone, we have built 67 drinking water systems and 167 small water cellars. As part of our vision to help the people to become better and more responsible world citizens, Amity has been trying to raise awareness on the impending water crisis that China and the whole world faces together.

The Walk for the Living Water (HK)

In support of the World Water Day (WWD) initiated by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), we have been organizing “the Walk for Living Water”. Here are the reasons to be part of this walkathon:

  • Together experience and raise awareness of the difficulties of fetching water and the need to become more involved in water conservation
  • Have a chance to together serve those without access to clean water by raising money for a worthy cause
  • A life-time experience, a chance to win full sponsorship to a service learning trip to Amity’s Living Water Project sites in China

We would like to invite you to be part of the solution to the imminent water crisis and to make a difference for poor villagers who do not have safe drinking water.

For additional enquiries about the Walk, please feel free to call or email Amy Lo (Tel.: 2723 8011 / [email protected]).