Amity Walk for Living Water 2020 - A walk for you and for others

The Walk for Living Water is responding to UN World Water Day’s call for public awareness and tangible action since 2011. The event is also one of the activities of the Climate Ready @ HK. The Walk has raised funds over the years to build water and sanitation facilities for tens of thousands of water-deprived people.

For the 10th Walk this year, Amity HK and the Water Supplies Department are co-organizing the event and raise awareness of the water crisis among the public, and to fundraise for people who are in need to improve their water and sanitation situation.

To minimize the risks of COVID-19 infection through close contacts, this year’s Walk for Living Water will be very special. By taking part, “walkers” can stretch their legs and beat the gloom of home confinement as well as to raise funds to bring hope to underdeveloped and water-deprived areas.

You and your friends are the masters in deciding the date, time and place for your Walk!

We invite people from all over the world to conduct their own walk at home or at a safe place of their choice. Share your results online. Walk for you, walk for others!

How to Participate

Step 1: Secure donations to support your Walk and register before 24 April 2020. (link for registration)

Step 2: Take walks during 10-24 April at convenient times and safe locations of your choice.

Step 3: Use any type of step counting devices or mobile APPs to track steps during the walks.

Step 4: Upload your best step record for a single day (jpg, png, jpeg, less than 1MB) through Event Page, or

Record your healthy, funny and memorable moments through Whatsapp (mobile: (+852) 5448-4557)

Record Upload Deadline: 23:59 of 26 April 2020.

Step 5: Do share your wonderful moments with your friends challenging them to join by hash-tag #WLW2020, #LivingWater #SaveADrop, ChangeALife, or #Walk4U, Walk4Others

Minimum Donation: HKD100/participating individual or family
You could continue to support the Living Water Project through this platform until
June (link for donation)

Certificates, Prizes & Souvenirs

Participation Certificate*

Walkers who have uploaded a record of 5,000 or more steps

Best Walker Awards*

Gold - Walkers who have uploaded 20,000 or more steps

Silver - Walkers who have uploaded 15,000-19,999 steps

Bronze - Walkers who have uploaded 10,000-14,999 steps

Top Fundraiser Award*

The Walker who ranks highest in total donations raised by 23:59 of 26 April.

Top Walker Group Award *

Top three groups with the largest number of walkers would be rewarded.

The Most Liked Message Award *

Folk handicrafts will be presented to Walkers whose uploaded message have the most “likes”.

*Soft coy of the Participation Certificates will be e-mailed to registered e-mail addresses of the eligible participants by 1 June 2020. All prizes and souvenirs will be mailed to registered post address (Hong Kong local address only) of eligible participants by 1 July 2020.

Be a Fundraiser

Besides registering as one of the walkers, you could also start your own “My Fundraiser” project, to raise extra donations to support our work. Set up your fundraising page and share it with your friends and families on social media platforms. (link to set up a fundraiser)

Make a Donation

Your help could bring the needy people a better condition in water and sanitation. Let’s “Safe a Drop, Change a Life” together!

The FringeBacker Platform will remain open until June 2020 - link

About the Amity Living Water Project

The Living Water Project started in 2010. It aims to raise awareness of the water crisis among the public and fundraise for people who are in need to improve water and sanitation situation. Until now, more than 15,000 villagers, students and teachers from 23 villages and schools are benefited from the Project.

Event Inquiry: (+852) 2723 8011 [email protected]

Link in Chinese: