China has opened up, and its citizens are coming in to ever-closer contact with people, cultures, ideas and thoughts expressed in a language other than Chinese. Knowledge of a foreign language, especially English, is vital. As long as the majority of the world's information is captured in English - knowledge of this language is going to be vital for China's sustained and continued development. Thousands of teachers attended Amity Teacher Program and came to China to help Chinese people master English since 1986. Especially in the less developed western parts of China, there is still the urgent need for English teachers.

Are you eager to do something extraordinary, unique and meaningful with a touch of adventure?
Embark on a journey to China - Join the Amity Teacher Program!

Amity recruit teachers directly and teachers who are sponsored by church-related sending agencies in the teacher’s home country. You can contact an appropriate sending agency from the list below. They will give you additional information about the application procedure and should you be accepted, they will recommend you by submitting page four of the application form to Amity.

For sending agencies please view our Amity long-term teacher requirements.

Where will i go and what will i do?

Lynn Yarbrough at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial in Nanjing

The Amity Teachers Program places you, a teacher of English, German or Japanese into Chinese teacher training colleges, universities and schools in less-developed parts of China, where you will work with Chinese English teachers. Amity teachers may include students of foreign-language teaching, graduates, experienced teachers and professionals who have taken retirement. Teachers are encouraged to contribute to service learning training for Chinese teachers in cooperation with the provincial Institutes of Education.

  • you will have teaching duties up to 12-16 hours per week
  • courses are in the areas of speaking, writing or culture, but teachers may be asked to teach other subjects according to the school's need and the teacher's own expertise
  • you can participate in student activities
  • you can contribute to service learning

For more details and requirements please view our long-term teacher requirements and guidelines.

What i have to do?

  • you have to read and accept our requirements and guidelines
  • you have to cover the air ticket and part of the insurance
  • you have to fill out the application form and send it to Amity

What is in for me?

  • meaningful work
  • unique and unforgettable experience
  • making friends on the other side of the world
  • you will have accommodation and long holidays
  • an acceptable payment to cover living expenses and travel costs
  • your health insurance will be subsidized


Amity as an organization will attend you during your stay in China. We will support you and help with communication, problems and organizational issues. Furthermore we are organizing annual conferences so you can meet and exchange with other foreign teachers.

Amity long-term teachers

ambassadors for understanding

building people-to-people fiendships

How long is the assignment?

Most teachers are in China for a two-year assignment, but it can be shortened to one year, half a year or even three month internships for students, who study foreign-language teaching. (Living allowances regulations will be adapted depending on the duration of the contract).

How to apply? – STEP by STEP

Read the requirements and guidelines!

Fill out the application form and send it to Amity. Consider to contact a sending agency! (link)

Wait for Amity's answer!

A Textbook for English Teachers to be used during Amity’s Summer English Program

(Download the pdf)

“Learning English” is a textbook for use in the Amity Foundation Summer English
Program (SEP). With volunteers from so many different places and backgrounds, teaching lessons based on such a variety of sources, it is good to have one common textbook across all this diversity.


Long-term teaching

in Inner Mongolia

Read an interview with the Andersons

The need for English teachers in the Province

How Chinese teaching institutions prepare for overseas teachers


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