Amity supports flood victims in Guangxi and Hunan


Since May 2014, heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms have been affecting nine provinces, mainly in southern China. The ongoing weather conditions trigger floods, landslides and vast devastation of whole regions. Up to now, 37 people have died because of the disaster. More than 9.700 houses have collapsed and 55.000 more houses were damaged.

Overall, the flood affected more than 3.4 million people. Amity’s disaster relief staff visited the area to inspect and to give an assessment on the situation. By now, the economic damages amount to more than 3.65 billion Yuan. Amity is going to bring emergency relief goods to Guangxi and Hunan, where the damage is serious and the local communities' ability to help themselves is quite limited by their long-term poverty.

The victims of the disaster need urgently daily necessities as food, oil, blankets and mosquito nets. Looking ahead there will be a huge impact on the harvest and the livelihood of the people because more than 140,000 square kilometers of agricultural fields have been devastated by the floods.

Please support Amity’s disaster relief efforts for the victims of the flood!

View photos of affected areas in Guangxi and Hunan: