Amity rebuilds primary school in Guizhou

Young students having class in the rebuild school

The Amity Foundation completed the reconstruction of a primary school in Guizhou province to ensure quality education for students in a village in the mountains of Liping county. Before the construction of the new school, the old wooden building, which was built in the 1960s, lacked of proper facilities and was classified as dangerous and unstable. The new school building is relocated near the village and fulfills modern security standards.

Pictures of classrooms of the previous school (left) and the rebuild school (right)

“Usually, if you are building a school in Guizhou, you look for higher ground and the structure will also function as a shelter for the villagers against fire or flooding,” explains Donald, Amity's project officer of the school rebuilding program. Since 1994, the Amity Foundation has rebuilt 409 schools, including five schools in 2017 and three in 2018.

Pictures of the old academic building (left) and the new building (right)

The new school building has all the substantial facilities and sanitation. Here is the newly built toilet

Local authorities of the autonomous and poor prefecture applied for support from the Amity Foundation because they lacked funding for the complete reconstruction. The Amity Foundation could raise 660 thousand RMB from Hong Kong donors to rebuild a safe school including playground and toilets. According to Amity's culture and principle of Three Shares, the local government had to spend another 330 thousand RMB to finance the construction.