Amity ranks No.10 on 99 Giving Day

On the fifth Tencent 99 Giving Day, on 9 September, the Amity Foundation takes the 10th place in the ranking of most successful fundraising organizations. Amity raised 66,520,000 RMB with single 1,119,000 donations. Moreover, Amity cooperated with 330 organizations and supported 435 projects. The motto of this year’s fundraising event was “Do good things together” (一块做好事).

The three-day annual event organized by the Shenzhen based internet giant Tencent, raises donation for charitable causes. From the 7th to the 9th of September more than 48 million individual donations were made. Furthermore, 2500 enterprises donated, too, and the Tencent Charity Foundation provided matching funds. Total donations reached 2.490 billion yuan, exceeding last year's record of 1.4 billion.