Amity Printing celebrates 30th Anniversary

Flag-giving ceremony of Amity's international rescue team

On November 8, the Amity Foundation celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Amity Printing Company and the completion of printing 150 million copies of the Bible. More than 300 guests, including staff, political representatives, dignitaries, business partners and retired workers, attended the celebration.

Mr Qiu Zhonghui, Secretary General of the Amity Foundation, thanked all guests for their strong support of Amity’s work. He emphasized that during the past 30 years Amity never lost its core focus - to serve the Chinese church and the Chinese people. Furthermore, he outlined the upcoming internationalization of Amity with the aim to extend and enhance its services for people in need all over the world.

Mr Qiu Zhonghui (left), Secretary General of the Amity Foundation and Elder Fu Xianwei (right), president of the Chinese Christian Council  are giving speeches during the ceremony

Guo Wei, Director of the Department of the State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA) congratulated Amity and pointed out that Amity produces Bibles in more than 100 languages and distributes them to over 70 countries around the world. She emphasized that Amity Printing, the world largest bible printing company and a social enterprise, is a role model for modernization in China.

Guo Wei, Director of the Department of the State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA) congratulates Amity (left)

In a live broadcast during the celebration, Qiu Zhonghui gave cordial greetings to local Amity colleagues in the recently opened office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Furthermore, Amity staff presented dancing performances and a newly formed Amity International Rescue Team was introduced.

Dancing performance of Amity staff (left). Doing a live broadcast to greet local Amity colleagues in Ethiopia (right).

The Amity Printing Company is a joint venture between the United Bible Societies and the Amity Foundation. Founded in 1986 the company printed its 150 million Bible this year. Amity Printing Ltd. is a social enterprise that was rewarded with several national and international prizes.

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