Amity Outlook No 20 published

Amity’s quarterly printed publication Amity Outlook No 20 has a strong focus on Amity's work on the well-being of children in need. It reflects on the anniversary of 15 years 'E-Action', one of Amity's flagship projects, supporting rural orphans in China. In 2007, Amity teamed up with the Tencent Charity Foundation and online fundraising increased to 100 million RMB for the program in 2016.

You can find personal stories of Amity staff, consultants, volunteers and beneficiaries. Read about their experience and how they reflect and share about their participation in Amity's E-Action project. Furthermore, get updates about Amity's latest developments, including overseas relief efforts and information about the 30th Anniversary of European Network of Amity Partners. This and more information, you can find here.