Amity organizes Summer Training for overseas volunteers

Amity's young volunteers and Amity staff of the Education and International Exchange Department during the Summer Training Programme

The 2016 Summer Training Programme (STP) for Amity’s new volunteers took place in Nanjing and Jiuquan from August 5 to 26. The STP, carried out by Amity’s Division of Education and International Exchange, included workshops, training courses and excursions. These activities will help the new volunteers get ready for their 'learning and serving' life at different schools in China.

The 11 young adults, 9 from Germany and 2 from Finland, immersed themselves in a language, country and culture which are completely different from their own. Additionally, they met with their Chinese peers and acquired valuable skills through service to and empowerment of others.

During the Summer Training the volunteers made the first steps to become familiar with their new enviroment

“I think a volunteer service gives me the chance to develop my own personality and to strengthen my personal values. In some things, China is really different, so I am really looking forward to learning a new language and getting to know a country with a different history and culture,” said one of the participants when he was asked about the reasons for joining the Amity programme.

During the preparation the volunteers got familiar with the host, the Amity Foundation, and with its different projects in Nanjing. They met Amity staff and learned about Amity’s work principles and the guidelines for their stay in China. Furthermore, the training courses prepared and equipped them with basic Chinese language skills and how to handle daily life issues.

Part of the international exchange programme is the interaction and exchange with their Chinese peers

The volunteers will continue their learning experience, during their stay in China, both learning Chinese culture and language for themselves and sharing their English language learning experience, skills and cultural background with Chinese counterparts. Most of the Chinese, who are living in the cities where the volunteers will stay, have never seen a foreigner face-to-face and few of them have the opportunity to travel.

Cooking dumplings, Tai Chi sessions and other cultural activities are also part of the programme

“I think that communications between different people from different countries is a way to a peaceful and safe world where there is no war or discrimination,” said one participants from overseas, and thus he expressed one of the main visions of Amity’s cultural exchange and educational programs with overseas partners.

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