Amity launches Education Development Project in Cambodia

She Hongyu and representatives officially launched Amity's educational development efforts at Siam Village Primary School

On the morning of December 12, 2019, the launching ceremony of the Education Development Project in Cambodia was held at Siam Village Primary School in Battambang Province, north-west of Cambodia. Amity is cooperating with Life With Dignity to boost education and sustainable development in the region. Life with Dignity is a local NGO and ACT Alliance member in Cambodia. NGO staff, teachers, students, and city representatives attended the event.

She Hongyu presents book shelves and teaching books for the school on behalf of Amity

Amity's Education Development Project provides books and bookshelves, organizes language teaching and renovation of facilities to local elementary schools. Deputy Secretary-General She Hongyu attended the ceremony and delivered the first batch of books and bookshelves to the school on behalf of the Amity Foundation. Chen Shuaishuai, a volunteering Chinese teacher, attended the project launching ceremony, too.

Amity volunteer Chen Shuaishuai is teaching in Cambodia

The "Cambodia Education Development Project" is an international project supported by the Foreign Affairs Office of the Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, supervised and implemented by the Amity Foundation. The project aims to promote the development of local education and contribute to the promotion of educational equity in rural areas of Cambodia. Besides the donation of teaching materials and the renovation of school infrastructure and facilities, Amity is going to send volunteers who will teach Chinese to primary students.

Siam Village Primary School has a total of 200 students and only 4 teachers. The school building is rudimentary, and currently, only three out of five classrooms can be used. The other two rooms have cracked walls, putting students in danger. The library, established in Siam Village Primary School this time, has created a space for children to read books suitable for children.

Chinese volunteers sent by the project will share best practices on photography skills and new media communication for the staff of Life with Dignity in Battambang Province. Later, the project will build toilets and washbasins in the school.