Amity Joins Hands with Chinese Churches to fight COVID-19

Relief supplies donated to Amity by Shanghai and Shandong branches of the CCC/TSPM

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in China, CCC/TSPM have been responding continuously and passionately to support the containment of the coronavirus. Churches, as well as individual Christians, have made enormous contributions to support Amity’s work in containing the outbreak.

The official CCC/TSPM website reports frequently about the response of churches and Christians regarding the coronavirus outbreak. The website lists donated and committed donations from churches and features stories. In particular, the CCC/TSPM website reports regularly and comprehensively about Amity's relief work for the people and regions being severely affected by the coronavirus outbreak. According to their website, churches have already donated or pledged RMB 11,366,914.35 until mid-February to Amity's relief program that supports hospitals and communities at the front line. Furthermore, the Chinese Church reports about overseas and ecumenical support as well as voices of sympathy and encouragement.

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