Amity Home of Blessings

The Amity Home of Blessings was the first of its kind in Nanjing to serve people with intellectual challenges. As a non-profit organization, established in 2002 to serve the mentally retarded or those with minor psychoses aged between 16 and 40. It serves directly dozens of clients in the institution in addition to others and their families outside. The service it offers encompasses educational rehabilitation, board and lodging, recreation, vocational training and occupational therapy and hygienic instructions. The purpose of all these programs focuses on upgrading the social adaptation abilities of the clients. In addition, it provides consultations to their parents and delivers door to- door service to those families in need. Meanwhile, it also serves as a base for internships of social workers-to-be, and plays the role of tutoring and supervising the volunteers in their professional training.

Amity Home of Blessings holds the working philosophy as follows:

  • Providing self-care and community-based adaption training service to people with mental disabilities or mild mental disorders
  • Providing professional competence training as a feature service to people with mental disabilities or mild mental disorders
  • Providing community service to people with disabilities and their families
  • Providing consultancy, training, instruction to families of people with disabilities, becoming the resource center of these families
  • Students of Amity's Home of Blessings are trained in the Amity Bakery
  • Amity gives consultancy to families and students
  • Families receive adaptive training

The Amity Home of Blessings organizes clients’ families in groups and encourages them to carry out team or self-assistance activities on a regular basis. The diversified activities improve the life quality of life and help to raise parents' confidence and capability to accept and accompany their disabled children. Consequently, a mutual-assistance system among the families is established.

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