Amity HK receives grant to help 21,000 people affected by severe flooding

On July 19, the Hong Kong Disaster Relief Fund (HKDRF) approved a grant of 4.542 million HKD to the Amity Foundation, Hong Kong for providing relief to flood victims in Guangxi Autonomous Region and Jiangxi Province in the Mainland.

The grant will be used to provide food, quilts and hygiene items to 5,207 households, serving approximately 21,000 people. Since beginning of June torrential rainfalls caused severe flooding, land- and mudslides in southeastern and central provinces of Mainland China. The disasters caused rainfall of historical dimension, including human casualties, forced high numbers of displacement and severe economic losses.

Over the past month, the Amity Foundation has been working continuously to bring relief to affected people in Guangxi, Jiangxi, Yunnan and Hunan provinces. The ongoing raining season brings concentrated rainfall as well as precipitation, causing flash floods, strong winds and incessant stress and burden to affected people.

According to the needs assessed by Amity staff working on the ground, the HKDRF grant will provide most needed emergency relief supplies to communities in urgent need. Until July 19, the Amity Foundation has distributed relief supplies worth almost 1.5 million RMB to affected communities in Yunnan, Jiangxi, Hunan and Guangxi.

On behalf of the people we are serving and who are in utter need for support, Amity wants to express its deepest gratitude to the HKDRF, donors from Mainland and elsewhere, our local partners and the countless passionate volunteers working on the ground.

If you consider a donation to help Amity to serve the people affected by the disaster or for budget inquiries please contact our Nanjing office: [email protected] or Amity Hong Kong [email protected]