Amity helps to train 1,000 autism practitioners

Amity Foundation and the U.Plus Academy establish an autism education fund at the Amity headquarters in Nanjing

On September 15, the Amity Foundation and the U.Plus Academy jointly established an autism education fund. The fund was set up to support and train special education teachers, caretakers and other practitioners, who are working on the front line on autism care. The fund is intended to raise public awareness of autism and to reach out to more people who are affected.

Deputy General Secretary of Amity She Hongyu and Huang Zhenjiang of the U.Plus Academy attended the signing ceremony at the Amity headquarters in Nanjing. “The number and the professional level of existing special education teachers and caretakers does not meet the demands of the community,” said She Hongyu at the signing ceremony. Moreover, she pointed out that families are playing a key role in the rehabilitation process of autism.

She Hongyu and Huang Zhenjiang during the signing ceremony

Huang Zhenjiang expressed his hope to learn more from the experience of autism treatment in the United States of America and to channel more support and expertise from the States to China, including a certification system for trainers and new methods of special-education teachers. The fund will aim to improve the professionalism of teachers as well the parents awareness. During the partnership period the fund aims to support 1,000 autism practitioners to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) and Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT).

The BCBA and RBT credentials will be received through a standardized 40-hours training that equips participants with knowledge and competence, who are directly and on a daily basis working with patients. Additionally, the fund aims to raise awareness and cooperation among the community by organizing 20 public forums and 30 exchange events in various Chinese cities. At the same time U.Plus Academy will supplement this approach by an online and nationwide approach, offering courses online for autism teachers and facilitate WeChat exchange groups for people and families affected by the condition.