Amity calls to fight the drought in Ethiopia

Trucks deliver water to regions heavily affected by the drought (by LWF)

After two consecutive years of drought, Eastern and Southern Ethiopia are in the grip of a new draught in 2017. The Amity Foundation is responding to the disaster by planning with the local partner Lutheran World Service (LWF) Ethiopia. The support includes life saving measures as tackling water supply and hygiene problems in seriously affected regions in Fafan Zone of Somali Regional State.

There is still a huge gap for all necessary relief work for drought affected people in Ethiopia. In general, financial gap for water trucking operation, and shortage of supplies, including water tankers and water treatment chemicals to meet requirements remain major problems for the WASH Cluster’s drought response.

Back-to-back seasons of poor or non-existent rainfall in 2015, exacerbated by the strongest El Niño phenomenon on record in the same year, led to the worst drought in decades in Ethiopia in 2016. While Ethiopia continues to battle with residual needs from the 2015 and 2016 El Niño-induced droughts, the “new” drought in 2017 of failed spring rains is putting millions Ethiopian in need of urgent humanitarian assistance

The new drought has scorched harvest, caused death of livestock and led to critical food shortage. Water in ponds dried up. People have to travel for hours and days in search of water. The “never-ending” water shortage results in forced reduction of water for drinking, cooking and essential hygiene.

Amity appeals to our friends for donations so that the much needed emergency supplies and services could be provided through the hands of Amity for people affected by the droughts in Ethiopia.