Amity brings relief to the victims of devastating tornado

The tornado caused huge devastation

On June 23, a powerful tornado and hailstorm stroke Jiangsu Province killing almost 100 people. Over 800 people were injured, many of them critically. The tornado with winds of up to 125km/h caused severe damage and left behind a swatch of destruction. Infrastructure and thousands of buildings were damaged or destroyed, often leveled to the ground. The tornado tossed cars into the air and flattened trees and power lines. It is said to be one of the worst disasters in Jiangsu Province for decades and the deadliest tornado in China for half of a century.

On June 23, the Amity Foundation which headquarters is located in Jiangsu Province sent a disaster relief team to the affected area to assess the situation and procure relief items.

On June 24, a first batch of temporary lightening equipment, mosquito repellent utensils and other supplies could be distributed in the disaster struck area.

On June 25, the Amity Foundation delivered five tons of rice and 100 barrels of oil into the affected region. Amity also continued to distribute anti-mosquito products, underwear, socks and slippers to displaced people who were continuously exposed to ongoing rainfalls.

Displaced and injured people (left). Amity staff attend a meeting to coordinate with other relief agencies (right)

Over the next days, Amity staff supported the victims of the tornado with tents, tarpaulin, bottled drinking water, clothing, mosquito repellent and other urgently needed supplies. Furthermore, assessments and research were made to support reconstruction efforts in the future. During the relief efforts Amity cooperated and coordinated with governmental and non-governmental actors.

Amity staff check the delivery and coordination of relief supplies

Every year, during the monsoon season from May to July the southern part of China is regularly exposed to severe weather conditions. In this year the situation is particularly disastrous. Since May, many parts of China have been affected by torrential rains causing flooding, dire devastation and many casualties. The Amity Foundation is supporting the people who suffer by these natural disasters. If you want to help please consider a donation.