Amity Bakery expands to Kunshan

The three parties are celebrating the opening of the Amity bakery brand in Kunshan.

The Amity Bakery announced on December 15 to expand its services to Kunshan City. Therefore, the Amity Foundation teamed up with the Jen Ching Memorial Hospital and the Kunshan Loving Care School and held an inauguration ceremony for the Amity Bakery employment and rehabilitation project in the city.

The Amity Bakery is a social enterprise providing vocational training for young people with special challenges. Founded in 2007, it was the first domestic bakery that offered services to people with special needs. Currently, the Amity Bakery has two stores in Nanjing, two online shops and a vocational training center.

Amity bakery staff are handing out pastries during the press conference (left). The press conference received high attention by the local media and communities (right).

In the future the Amity Bakery will expand its services to Kunshan and provide employment and vocational opportunities to communities in need. Furthermore, the Amity Bakery will continue to advocate and raise awareness for more public acceptance, recognition and inclusion of people living with special challenges. Supported and appreciated by local authorities, the inauguration ceremony was attended by people from all societal sectors.

Chu Chaoyu, director of Amity's diaconal wing is announcing the cooperation (left). The stakeholders of the Amity Bakery in Kunshan, staff and performers are posing for a group photo after the ceremony and press conference (right).

Earlier, the Amity Foundation and Kunshan Christian associations agreed to establish a charity fund to promote diaconal work, fundraising activities, environmental awareness and capacity building for volunteers. Among others, the Amity Bakery project in Kunshan, which brings hope to young challenged people is also supported.

The first management meeting of a newly established charity fund of Christian organizations in Kunshan.