Amity appeals to donate for victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan


Super Typhoon Haiyan hit and devastated the Philippine provinces of Leyte, Samar, northern Iloilo and surrounding areas on November 8. It reached wind speeds up to 325 km per hour and caused storm surges that flattened the City of Tacloban.

National Philippine authorities have no exact number of casualties as of writing due to the power, communication and transportation cut off. It is estimated more than 5000 people have died and the number could double as the government tries to reach inaccessible areas.

Several days into the disaster, international attention and aid is starting to pour into Leyte and Samar provinces, especially the City of Tacloban , where 90% of the houses were flattened. Many other towns and municipalities have no food for four days. Some affected areas are on the verge of desperation and looting.

As a member of ACT Alliance, an ecumenical relief agency, the Amity Foundation ispaying close attention to the disaster with great concern. Amity Foundation, Hong Kong is communicating with Kaisa so as to put together an relief operation in Northern Uloilo as soon as possible.

In the present disaster, Kaisa is working non-stop in packing more relief goods and awaits funds to support the needed operations. But so far the food aid provided could only last 10% of the victims for just one day. 

The relief goods will include water filters, plastic pails, assorted canned goods, coffee, noodles and bottled water. Please help us to provide vitally needed relief goods to affected families and to prevent further misery.

Download our donation form (PDF)

Martin Lachmann